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ICC 360 – The Canteen Man 5
Geoff de Mesquita, the canteen manager at the Easts Cricket Club in New South Wales, Australia, loves feeding people and being a part of the cricket community.

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Good step by ICC. We should respect all these people.

Author — Prateek Rath


What a great guy, good job ICC for making these types of videos. Sometimes the fans are more inspirational than the players

Author — [PLG] Savag3


These are the kind of people behind the scenes that create a great cricketing culture. Australia has its faults but it's hard to deny that they are a great cricket nation. And that's coming from a kiwi. 😬. 🏏

Author — Pat Flange


I think those canteen man are the real heroes who work real hard day and night
Who else also think the same please comment below



We must respect these people because they work hard hard day and night for their better food. We should also tell Thank You when they give us the food.

Author — chowdhuryahsanul kabir


Great that he is remembered.
He is great

Author — Benjamin Alexander


Who are the idiots disliking this video

Author — Mohit kumar