Scroll: Wash Face Keep Face

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Northern Stage presents Scroll: Wash Face Keep Face
Created by Bridget Minamore

Content advice: contains material relating to mental health conditions - body relationships and pandemic induced.

This video includes audio description at the beginning and end.

12.32am - watch this as you get ready for bed.

When 2020 began, you only had one resolution—start a skincare routine and stick to it. Rain or shine, make-up or nothing, you were going to properly wash your face. Every. Single Night. As the pandemic hit, you knew you probably should try and have loftier goals to fill your extra time; daily yoga stretches or a 10 minute Duolingo blast would definitely lead to more concrete outcomes in a year, but you couldn’t handle that. All you could cope with was the thing you already had started doing, stripping your face bare and staring at your bathroom mirror as you cleaned it. As the weeks turned into months, and the spread COVID-19 showed no signs of slowing, all you knew – all you know – if that this 4 minute ritual each night has become the only time you aren’t on your phone, panic scrolling and worrying about the days to come.

Scroll is designed as the antidote to 'doom scrolling', a series of digital story interventions commissioned by Northern Stage, replacing the moments of mindless scrolling with tiny stories about us.

Scroll intro music credit: Beldina Odenyo Onassis - Heir of the Cursed