Cheat Codes - Scott The Woz

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Scott tries his hand at video game adultery.

Music Used:
"Game Select" from Super Mario All Stars
"Jungle" from Contra
"Brinstar" from Metroid
"Dam" from GoldenEye 007 (N64)
"Main Theme" from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
"You Got a Moon!" from Super Mario Odyssey
"Lottery" from Super Smash Bros. Melee
"Underwater" from Super Mario Bros.
"Seaside Hill" from Sonic Heroes
"Delfino Plaza" from Super Mario Sunshine
"Vega Stage" from Street Fighter II
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

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Scott 6 2 97 isn't his DOB, it's a cheat code for infinite Scotts.

Author — Pixelcraftian


If you use the Konami code while creating a YouTube channel, you start with 1 million subscribers.

Author — Platinum Factor


I remember using cheat codes for the GTA series, my mother saying to me "why play the game, if you're just gonna cheat?" I never cheated to get past any mission, I only typed in cheat codes because it was fun, and I wanted to cause chaos.

Author — Matthew Baetsen


“to change the bowling ball color in Wii Sports”

haha yeah.

wait what

Author — Halo


Games being taken more seriously really did ruin some of my favorite parts of games that ran on silliness.

Like look at the first God of War game: you beat the game once, now for no extra cost you can replay it with Kratos in a cow suit with massive udders or a fish costume. I don’t see the PS4 game giving me my udder suit.

Author — Leighton Petty


Scott: “and change the color of the bowling ball in Wii sports”
Me: *spits out cereal* “WAIT WHAT”

Author — Dark Elf


"And you want to dive into the immoral side of gaming-" *cuts to Raid Shadow Legends ad*

Dies laughing.

Author — crackizzle


I had a cheat code book for nearly 11 years.

The cover had torn off from age, but I loved it.

Only threw it away because, you know, internet...

Author — MC Dexpo


4:49 holy shit that is the exact book I had as a kid. brought that thing with me everywhere until it disintegrated

Author — Cyranek


When he was like “ there’s one company who still makes cheat codes” I thought he was gonna say Travelers tales

Author — Owen Tourtelotte


4:57 The internet really enjoys this pairing.

Author — Lexlang


Up until now I hadn't cheated in years, but I downloaded a free PSN game and played fair until two punks logged on with cheats so me and my friend kept getting into matches with the same two

So we cheated back and they never logged back to our server,
Ironically we were high leveled at 60 and they were at lvl 4&5
So when we cheated it wasn't fair but when they cheated they were crying for us too stop.
We didn't wanna cheat but we weren't gonna be cheated.

When they kept handing us our asses they gloated over every win through they're mics
So when we started cheating they automatically quit our server every time our logins showed up cause they knew we were done horsin around

We only cheated those cheaters cause no one else cheated but them.

Author — You Eediot


"You cheat in Mario Tennis 64, you're the playground's messiah. You cheat in Mario Tennis Aces, the neighbors get alerted when you move in near 'em."
I've literally never heard a more true quote.

Author — DaSheepKiller


"Look at this I'm cheating" - Katerino 2020

Author — Befi


2:43 How has accidentally unlocking the final level in Battle for Bikini Bottom been such a common thing HAHAHA

Author — Radicard


Damn i will never forget playing 'The mummy' on GBA and randomly tipped in 'ROB*' without looking IT Up and it loaded the final Level - this Moment was some next level magician Shit :D

Author — XBOX TEST


Anyone remember the Scholastic Book Sale? That was cheat code book heaven.

Author — hackisonjd


“Cheat Codes! What separated the men from the SCUMBAGS!” I love that line

Author — One Maximus Red


5:00 "my hand would always cover this portion"
*While holding a magazine with grand theft auto 4 on the front*

Author — cark


Pat Sajak: “The theme is *Code* ”
Me: “Up Arrow”
Pat Sajak: “...Two up arrows.” *ding*

Author — BurntToast