Why do immigrants leave Canada ?

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Why do immigrants leave Canada ? 4.5

Video has detailed reasons of why do immigrants leave Canada?

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if our home countries were safer and cleaner we would never leave them :(

Author — Asma Khalid


Bro it's not demotivation, these are the real facts one should consider before coming.
Thumbs up.

Author — Saad Awan


I returned back from Canada facing same situations... Your home country is the best country to prosper if you want to work with all your dedication.

Author — Freya Soni


I’ve lived in Canada all my life..I’m not sure why I’m watching this lol...Solid points though. The cold winter can get very depressing. It takes getting used to.

Author — Justin Hopper


You are showing us the

Thanks brother....



I came to Canada 7years ago, I won’t complain a lot I have a decent job, decent income I made good investments back home. I am leaving to home country next year since this weather is depressing and with no family here.

Author — Aj Can


I want to move to Canada from USA. I came to USA having survived Romania’s communism. Lost my entire family, and living in USA. USA democracy is an illusion that shifts swiftly to disempower and sells the American person a false sense of freedom and the government is broken, corrupt and its system is nothing but a prison at the very core. When people tell me to go back to my own Country...trust me I am very much contemplating the idea

Author — EuroMix1995


You sound a lot like Farhan Akthar .
Great video, thank you for throwing light on the other side!
Wish you the best of luck!

Author — Abhishek Shukla


I am not demotivated actually it's something am prepared for

Author — Yogesh Hurdyal


This is good advice, when you come to any foreign country, do any job and pay your bills.
It doesn't matter because you friends and neighbours are not watching you.

Author — Beach Boy


I've found this video informative and motivational. Thank you. 😃

Author — Samira Sanji Khan


Here's the truth from a born and bread Canadian. No matter what part of the country you live in. Say goodbye to over 50% of your income. That will go to 3 levels of government. You will become a debt slave in Canada.

Author — Mike Hudon


Reality is that IT people will definitely get a job. But management like sales etc won't

Author — Niraj Chaudhari


Thank you for telling us the truth, feels like you say it from your heart .I hope you enjoy your life, keep doing next info, your content is so real.

Author — Jitrada Suttiraung


I’m a patient and would do any job at the start to survive or study straight away I’ve tasted being rich and poor

Author — Marie Renea Gonzalez


It's strange because my friends who went to Canada don't want to come back, and they don't even plan to do so in near future.

Author — Anurag Bhattacharya


I don't recommend living in such a cold country with so little natural light. It really affected me. But you can immigrate to other places with much more light.

Author — Simon Ben Natan


Hey man. You are as helpful as that Igor guy whose vids i have watching for a while right now. Thanks for your info, very helpful.

Author — jonathan andrew


Thank you for honest feedback, it is informative video.

Author — Veer


What is the sense of this video???? All this point is valid in each and every country.... Isnt it.

Author — dishuredmi