Why do immigrants leave Canada ?

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Why do immigrants leave Canada ? 4.5
Video has detailed reasons of why do immigrants leave Canada?

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if our home countries were safer and cleaner we would never leave them :(

Author — Asma Khalid


Bro it's not demotivation, these are the real facts one should consider before coming.
Thumbs up.

Author — Saad Awan


Here's the harsh truth - Canada doesn't OWE you anything. It is your choice to immigrate. If you're unwilling to leave your comfort zone and shed your sense of entitlement, you WILL fall on your face.

If you want to succeed and settle in Canada, come with a clean slate and expect nothing. You hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

PR is not a government sponsored all expense paid trip. It's your personal journey - make decisions wisely and practically.

Author — Ameya Godbole


I returned back from Canada facing same situations... Your home country is the best country to prosper if you want to work with all your dedication.

Author — Febzu Sj


You are showing us the

Thanks brother....



I’ve lived in Canada all my life..I’m not sure why I’m watching this lol...Solid points though. The cold winter can get very depressing. It takes getting used to.

Author — Justin Hopper


You sound a lot like Farhan Akthar .
Great video, thank you for throwing light on the other side!
Wish you the best of luck!

Author — Abhishek Shukla


Hard to find jobs. Houses too expensive.

Author — Thankful Lally


Video was quite helpful, atleast people should be aware of all the difficulties over there and can prepare accordingly. Good work 👍🏻✌🏻

Author — Ravinder Singh


I don't understand people are ready to struggle in their home country but not in Canada. they want everything from day one

Author — hibadshah500


I am not demotivated actually it's something am prepared for

Author — Yogesh Hurdyal


I lived in Toronto for 10 years doing odds job. I have PhD in Brazil. I went back to Bahia.

Author — Antonio Teixeira


That’s the reality .. I have listened this from many people that people don’t get to save in Canada and many leave Canada back to home country. So don’t run behind mad craze of people that US Canada is best. India is also good.

Author — Wanderer Pages


Basically, it's a gamble but if you keep gambling you will eventually win.

Not the smartest strategy but then there's a sucker born every minute.

Canadian racism, plain and simple.

Author — vinody


Simply -- who don't have job in India and ready to do any can move to Canada.

Author — S S


U show us reality but others see dollars there. When time gone they remember u.

Author — Kulvinder singh


Have been overseas from 2002 ( presently in china from past 12 years) and be it any foreign country working hard, patience and positive outlook is the key.
Every foreign country has its own set of challenges. Infact even one city to another within india.

Author — Kalpesh Doshi


I've lived here for all my life, .. almost 68 years now, and I can say this is a country with a very high cost of living. Even a lot of retired Canadians or those getting close to the age of retirement are looking for other countries with a lower cost of living to migrate to. I'm one of the fortunate ones who is married to a lady from a developing nation and will be moving there within the next couple of years (when she too retires here in Canada) at least on a semi permanent basis. In another country a person may give up a bit, but can probably live on about 1/3 of what monthly costs in Canada are.
On the other hand leaving Canada in the middle of November and coming back in the middle of March wouldn't be such a bad thing for anyone. ;)

Author — Tim Luther


I've found this video informative and motivational. Thank you. 😃

Author — Samira Sanji Khan


Hey man. You are as helpful as that Igor guy whose vids i have watching for a while right now. Thanks for your info, very helpful.

Author — jonathan andrew