LeBron James lacks Michael Jordan’s 'assassin' mentality – Stephen A. | First Take

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LeBron James lacks Michael Jordan’s 'assassin' mentality – Stephen A. | First Take 4.5

Stephen A. Smith puts LeBron James among his top 3 NBA players of all time but he can’t put him ahead of Michael Jordan because LeBron developed his championship mentality while Michael Jordan had it when he first joined the league.

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Ryan Hollins as an analyst is a bigger joke than Ryan Hollins as an NBA player.

Author — Daniel Mena


Max Kellerman and Stephen A are the Jordan and Pippen of ESPN.

Author — d93sthlm


I almost died when he said LeBron was more Clutch than Jordan 🤣🤣😂😂

Author — Silent comic05


There’s only one G.O.A.T. “Michael Jordan”.

Good night.

Author — mcdus78


Michael and Kobe are the greatest

Maaan, was Jordan ever NOT in his prime? 😂

Author — SydneyPhotography2019


Stop bringing Ryan Hollins in please guy has no clue 🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Kris Monroe


Max with the biggest Jordan played 82 .. 40mins both ends of the floor unlike these cupcakes now taking games off for “rest” gtfoh

Author — Kitty Oreo


Hollins: "how do u guard lebron james?"
Jordan with a cigar in his mouth: "Hold my beer"

Author — Robert Jacobson


Watching LeBron is like watching a construction worker on the piledriver.. Watching Mj is like watching a beautiful waterfall..

Author — King Me


LeBron James will never be on Michael Jordans level sorry

Author — Dakota Guthrie


Ryan Hollins: How do you guard Lebron James?
Kawhi Leonard: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Jan Bench Ilagan


Ryan Hollins: how do you guard Lebron James

Jason Terry has entered the chat.

Author — ppl do stuffs


It’s disrespectful to say labron is even in the same conversation with Michael Jordan!!

Author — Wayne Clark


"How do you guard Lebron James?"

Jason Terry: *Am I a joke to you?*

Author — Lain Iwakura


How do you stop Lebron James??.. you put a 30 year old Jason Terry on him

Author — 2682shark


Holllins: How do you guard LeBron James?
Me: Ask whoever held him to 8 pts in the finals against the Mavericks.

Author — Ravenlife 1372


Folks seem to forget that MJ didn’t go from starting in high school to starting in the NBA, 3yrs for LeBron’s numbers. Folks forget MJ retired once in his prime, 2yrs for LeBron’s numbers. So add those 5yrs to MJ’s numbers with the stats MJ was getting in his prime, then compare MJ to LeBron’s including the Championship’s MJ would have won.

Author — Justin Figgins


MJ, KOBE, not even Lebron is my top 3

Author — Agent Smith


That jazz team was legit! Stockton and malone was legendary

Author — King Deuce


Who the hell let Ryan Hollins back on the set.

Author — Whole Lotta Gang Shit