How does alcohol make you drunk? - Judy Grisel

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Follow alcohol on its journey through the body to find out how it causes drunkenness and why it affects people differently.


Ethanol: this molecule, made of little more than a few carbon atoms, is responsible for drunkenness. Often simply referred to as alcohol, ethanol is the active ingredient in alcoholic beverages. So how exactly does it cause drunkenness, and why does it have dramatically different effects on different people? Judy Grisel explores alcohol's journey through the body.

Lesson by Judy Grisel, directed by Anton Bogaty.

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This narrator is suitable for various apocalyptic talks. Whenever she's narrating I get the feeling we're all going to die and we can but accept it.

Author — @McHrozni


Weird how when people drink alcohol they're "a chill guy" and "hangs out at the bar often" but when I drink it it's "extremely unsafe work ethic" and "I need to leave the laboratory"

Author — @hahanamegobrrr6667


The animation is so cute. Especially the molecules inside the liver. Keep up TedEd 🙌🏻

Author — @falguni1185


Alcohol: is literal poison
Humans: that’s my feel good yum yum juice

Author — @ZombieGuy2401


When you’re drunk while watching why your drunk has to be the most wildest thing I’ve ever done

Author — @user-ej5so2sz4n


I love watching these videos and pretending to understand

Author — @ZachMemes


Ted-Ed: How does alcohol make you drunk?
Me, an intellectual: By drinking it

Author — @noinfo3517


when the bartender gave the client a glass of water and smiled at him was pretty wholesome, not gonna lie. major Kudos TED ED for explaining things in an easy to understand manner and with great animations that help in learning! stay safe, people! :)

Author — @WforBogart


I am an Indian, and I have never really drunk. When I went to Europe, I was surprised to see that people simply do not socialise without alcohol.

Author — @Napoleon4778


Man, just watching this video makes me so thankful that I'm allergic to alcohol, thanks Ted-Ed for this video because I wanted what life is like for people who are not allergic. I only get a glimpse of it when around people drinking but this definitely gives a lot more insight into everything alcohol can actually do to a person. You rock Ted-Ed, keep it up! P.s. can ya'll do a video about Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD for short please? I want to spread awareness about what I and millions of others around the world experience everyday and can ya'll premiere the video in April please, it's Autism Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month so it would be an ideal time for the video.

Author — @katherineknapp6604


4:49 This scene is so cute and beautiful, I think more people need to see how others are doing and respond accordingly.

Give your writer/scripter/animator a raise, TED-ED!

Author — @Hanesboi


Salute to the editor. What a wonderful yet in a comical way they have interpreted the whole concept. 😂 Absolutely loved it! ❤️

Author — @deepapanwar3889


I'll just say the joke so no one else has to: chemically speaking alcohol is a solution

Author — @somerandomweeb4836


I love ted ed. It beautifully answers those basic questions which are so basic that you forget about their existence. Well, I am a curious person but I don't know why did I never thought about mechanisn of drunkedness. Keep up the good work!! You fuel my curiosoty!

Author — @armangrewal133


Could you imagine how drunk we would be after one drink if we didn’t have these safety mechanisms

Author — @reflexfx9143


Absolutely loved the animation style. It was like watching a educational cartoons directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Author — @BingBangPoe


"Alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, may produce all the effects of drunkenness."

-Oscar Wilde

the floor here is made out of floor

Author — @fridaywhite8760


I am so proud to intro myself as Santosh and i am a recoverying alcoholic. My last drink i drank was on 8th February 2009. Thank God i found the doors of AA

Author — @santoshharilalindianmusicw380


Woke up this morning, 8 months clean and sober.

Author — @1st_agent


Media: drinking more alcohol is associated with a higher risk of stroke, fatal aneurysm, heart failure and death
Brain: Haha dopamine goes brrrr...

Author — @rupindersingh1709