How to make a Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor

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How to make a Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor 4.5

In this video, i Will Build an Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor at home

- I Am Using 8 PCS 775 Motor 150w 12v
- 8pcs x Propeller CW & CCW 10x45
- 12v 35Ah battery

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2 boats

Author — Fatemaali Ali


Imagine what’s gonna happen when this guy gets a hold of helicopter blades

Author — Steven Wrieth


The size makes it all work really well. Nice job. Now go out and catch a nice big fish for the family for dinner. Thumbs up guy!

Author — Gary


Your content is really informative Thank you are a true technician.
I subscribe to your channel.Like!!

Author — 수리가 취미인 남자[수취남]Repair man


Thank you for everything
please permission to display this video on Facebook angkolamuaratais

Author — Angkola Muaratais


I love that there are ZERO adds in this video.... amazing. great video btw

Author — Earthshard .outerspace


Very creative ideas brother, appreciated!!

Author — Chhaya Angkor


You forgot life jacket, otherwise spectacular now install cup holder, J.R.NEW England USA

Author — James Raymond CreativePhotography


Dude, put one of dem turbo diesel engines on there. They got bout 700hp and you can get that lil skift up to like 200MPH in like 10 secs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙🏻🤙🏻

Author — Michael


I thought it was a 8 cylinder 775cc gas motor be slightly more clear say electric or something just saying +great video

Author — Luke Peoples


Gusto nyo din ba sya?
Tara na mga boss
Papataas tayo, sama sama tayong aangat at magpapakilala habang nagpapasaya, 🤗🤗🤗



É pilotar esse barco e ficar surdo, né..?? 😂😂😂😂

Author — Anderson Freitas


great boat, but the whole point of an airboat is so there are no low hanging rudders to get caught on stuff when you run something over. keep up the great work man you are great motivation for me!

Author — Josh Anderson


ชอบมากๆเลย สวยมาก ราคาเท่าไหร่ หาซื้อที่ไหน ยี่ห้ออะไร โดรนน่ะ

Author — ลื่นไหล ดุจสายน้ํา


Fast and simple projects. I like your technics and skills

Author — Age of Doom


That was an excellent build. Do you remember doing the RC boat made out of plumbers tubing. Could you do a life sized scale build of this? I would love to see how it turns out.

Author — Dylan Fowler


What do you guys have in your workshop?
A clone of hobby kings warehouse or something?
Love your projects

Author — Bilal Cakir


What a great project! I’m really impressed with your vision and bringing it to reality! I wonder if there’s an alternative to 775’s as they are good for short runtime. Perhaps the best thing about 775’s is that they have great torch whereas brushless motors don’t.
Terrific project!!!
Cheers from Clarkesville, Tennessee USA

Author — Joe Gates


อุปกรเครื่องมือมีครบ จะทำอะไรก็ง่ายและสะดวก

Author — Thanawin nitezaza


@Creative Channel you do not need a rudder system, because you have 4 banks of 2 controlled fans per switch, all that you need to do is, turn on the fans on the side opposite of the direction in which you want to go (the fans will push your boat in that direction you want) and turn off the fans on the other side, and now lets just say that you want to go on an angle, you would turn on 3 sets of fans (2) on the opposite side in which you want to head to, and (1) set of fans on the outside for resistance.

Author — wrksnfx