How to make a Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor

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How to make a Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor 4.5
In this video, i Will Build an Big Airboat Using v8 775 Motor at home

- I Am Using 8 PCS 775 Motor 150w 12v
- 8pcs x Propeller CW & CCW 10x45
- 12v 35Ah battery

Thanks for watching, Have a great day !

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2 boats

Author — Fatemaali Ali


I would cut my pinkynail if I where you, you can almost make a boat from it.

Author — Gerben Pater


您好, 或您购买了您的 USB 焊接铁与 C/°或 f°显示器 Hello, or have you bought your USB welded iron with C ° or F° display

Author — Biker's Cops


Pretty neat, kudos to you good sir! Keep up the interesting content

Author — Joshua Rankin


ele filma e faz os projetos! ele é o bichão mesmo! só os brasileiros vão entender

Author — pedro


Still can make it much better,
1) Rust ( or ) Holes easily get in few days,
2) If Rain comes ?
Cover u r boat,
3) Wear Life jacket
4) u hv made Handle exLator on wood pad, change it or make it save 4m rain,
5) Also cover MCB make u r self 4m electric shock.

Author — super khan


Great job!!! Nice!. If I put a motor 895 high speed on my boat, say 8 * 200 watt, a boat speed will get a lot better or not? How did you calculate the quantity of the 775 motors? Thanks.

Author — Alex


Definitely thought it was a REAL air boat, along with a REAL v8 motor .. wth

Author — Ian Hay


It 's even nicer if you make the stearing from a litle bikewheel, Thumps up as always :-)

Author — andarthome142


ชื่นชม ครับ พี่ชาย น่าใว้วางอวน ตามแม่น้ำ

Author — ติ๋ม นนทกัป


That was an excellent build. Do you remember doing the RC boat made out of plumbers tubing. Could you do a life sized scale build of this? I would love to see how it turns out.

Author — Dylan Fowler


Great! economical means & use of sustainable energy, Thank you.

Author — Anonymous Presence


Good luck to your ears buddy, you end up deaf.

Author — Rising Demon


Great video, I like it. Please use the size of one of these boats, you could benefit. or autocad droing

Author — Hero Tech Tips


매우 부럽 습니다. 굉장히 쎄련된 과학기술 입니다. 우리나라 기술도 선진국 이라 하는데 ~~~~

Author — DOSA SU


Nice video, why don't you take a jet-powered boat using a 775 engine?

Author — phoenix 76


You build everything and I've seen a lot of your videos . It seems like to me that you have all the right things around when you start making your project. Most of us have to go out and buy the things or come up with odds and ends to build our projects. You are completely set up. Shop and all. So it seems to me that you have a lot of help getting your videos and projects out on line. Thank you. God Bless

Author — verlon bowden


Make a video showing the place you work and show your tools and your stock of materials, please!

Author — Arnaldinho Costa


10 inches prop is too big for brush high speed motors. you have low efficiency with high current drains. put gearbox on them and you have much more trust

Author — Ali Akbari


memang mantul mantap betul ok siplah kereatif

Author — Aas Suderajat