Kraft Music - Korg KingKORG Synth Demo at NAMM 2013

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Korg product manager Rich Formidoni demonstrates the Korg KingKORG Analog Modeling Synthesizer at the 2013 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.

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This is a real "Get on with it" demo. Great!

Author — Dave Bellamy


He does a great job of not playing the tracks and riffs that these presets have been built for; I can only assume he was trying not to infringe any copyrights...

Author — Omar Smith


this instrument is made for all kind of it cant be like old analog keyboards...and its very good for live :) I play jazz funk and progressive metal...soo its rly adaptive :D! Ty.

Author — Deviantloverable


This does look like a nice synth! I'd love to be able to play it like this guy.

Author — VirtualMark


LOL Rich did the same demo on all Namm Kingkorg A Kronos X & Kingkorg is a great combo in the studio :) #WishList!

Author — M U S I C - M A N N


The one part of the demo where it sounded like tight pizzacato strings reminds me of settings I've created with my Korg Mono/Poly. Very nice!

Author — Thomas Hemenway


brazil south america, RECIFE

Author — Claudio AGMFIlho


Just ordered one today, comes friday, can't wait!

Author — ZariisOfficial


Nice demo and great sounding synth - Wonder how this compares to the Serge SLEDGE synth seeing that they're both around the same price range.

Author — samueladams7


5:13 wish I knew what little tune that was. 

Author — TheTitan2025


Will be interesting to hear how the new Electribe sounds with this synth engine, though I really wish they'd make an Electribe Analog using MS20 filter and Volca analog engine :((

Author — onnolab


Cool synth. Probably costs way much more than it's actually worth, The Microkorg XL's suggested retail price was $750 when it came out. The whole thing is made with cheap, brittle plastic with easy-to-snap-off knobs. I would say it's actual value is around $129.

Author — adamgh0


Can I request for tutorials in KingKorg how to use tembres, assigning, ...etc? It's very hard to understand in its OM and PM. Thank you!

Author — REDHILL 1974


i wish i new what 1:22 was, anyone please

Author — Nathan


Excellent XLR input....nice. But subtle tube sound changes not coming through on my end and know live tube sounds sweet so hearing it on youtube is not like playing it even though Rich will make any Korg sound great....

Author — John F Hendry


Love the idea of the tube.  Filters sound good.  Oscillators have beef when layered enough.  Thought the PCM samples kind of sounded general/boring (prolly as they should), but overall the synth seems like a Monster....

Author — Falkon303


hey, what synth would you recommend if I am looking for a good one?

Author — antiarguers


This video is from NAMM 2013... did it get canned or something?  I saw one on sale at a store today but I have never heard of it until now, and now it seems like they are pushing the Kronos, Oasys, etc.

Author — A Violent Purple


This Keybank is made for bipolar people such as myself🤣😋😩😠😮. I has acoustics sounds too!!! Pianos and such. I can’t wait to buy this bad boy

Author — Dae One


Awesome video! What keyboard stand are you using?

Author — Benjamin Dovey