Why Are Millions of Chinese Kids Parenting Themselves?

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Why Are Millions of Chinese Kids Parenting Themselves? 5
Generations of Wang Ying’s family farmed the misty mountains of Liangshan, one of China’s poorest regions. But now, the 14-year-old girl lives on her own as the sole caretaker of her two younger siblings. They are among an estimated 9 million “left-behind children” raising themselves in the Chinese countryside.

"Down from the Cold Mountain" was directed by Max Duncan. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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by the looking, they are from southwest of china . one of the poorest part of china.

Автор — JP Morgan


Broke my heart when the mom told the oldest.. "All you do is sit around all day".. That must have hurt

Автор — Maria Torres


The oldest was doing all that farm work and raising her siblings and then the mother comes back and just belittles the oldest like she's not been doing anything at all. Wtf.

Автор — Tori Collins


We need to send them some Western kids who are bored with life, to see what life is really about. These are amazingly resilient children. It is heartbreaking to see their plight. Humbling.

Автор — Winter Solstice


Yesterday I'm complaining about how slow my laptop, then I stumbled into this video.. This video hit me hard, that I should be more grateful for the life I have

Автор — Wheelman 123


messes with you a bit when you realise how much you complain and put off studying when you're blessed with good opportunities

Автор — hi bye


I spent part of my childhood in a small village with my siblings like them! My parents had to work in the big city so as to make enough money for our school tuition, food! When we were kids, we had chickens and pigs to feed everyday and when it was raining, our shabby house didn’t keep us warm enough! My parents taught us that study hard was the only way out!summer time, they took us to the big city to show us how charming life was in the big city ! My parents sent us all to university and hard work finally paid off! Finally We all settled down and got condos in the big city! We are just ok now! No help from government and there were no good schools, no hospitals or no libraries in the villages, government doesn’t have enough policies for the people who live in the villages or maybe they don’t care! We visit our relatives in the village and give them money from time to time! And the land policy in China makes life even harder! Peasants can get enough food to eat but not surplus for trading! If one day, the land will become private, maybe life for them will be different, while regime change will become necessary, which will be another disaster for all Chinese people! When you read the Chinese history, it was full of wars and wars, one can not really expect too much economical development while there are so many wars! May Buddha bless my country and his people

Автор — Lianlian Gao


You may see the achievements China made, but you could never see the price Chinese paid

Автор — Edward White


That cough the little boy has is very concerning

Автор — Jaleesa Greene


I can’t live without WiFi for a day imagine taking care of a farm myself this actually opened my eyes and see how spoiled I am .

Автор — Cosmymiax X


I come from a third world country in the Caribbean, my mom comitted suicide when I was 16 and my dad was about as useless as a paper umbrella...
Yet, somehow, I find myself happily married with a wonderful daughter living in London.
I just got lucky.
This video was a bit close to home and made me cry. Children having to look after their siblings and basically forced to grow up way before their time. But at least their parents are trying their best to give them a better life .

Автор — Vish Jey


I don't understand why do people marry and have kids when they are soo poor I would never do that I don't want to burden my children like that

Автор — noah


As an African(Motswana), i relate with these people on such a deep level. i never realized how much we have in common. i never knew the chinese ever lived in mud huts with chickens running around like we do in the village... i wish there was more that could be done about the state of their economic welfare, but in general their way of life is beautiful

Автор — Nnete Bontsibokae


Just a few minutes in, but i don't understand why the grandparents aren't more involved

Автор — Lukychrm42


as a chinese, i think i should go to there to help them as a free teacher.

Автор — zehui su


"Poor people eat chicken
Rich people eat goat
Single people eat egg "
Great analogy.

Автор — ida yg


I complain every day that i need to wake up at 7 am to go school but when i watched this video it hit me how other children take so long to go school

Автор — Mimi A


That 1st girl is a pretty girl O.O Srsly, her eye proportion and smile and tiny nose. For those who disagrees with me, my definition of beauty differs from yours.

Edited: her mom is pretty too!!

Автор — Kerstina Zhao


That girl who smiles is so cute. She really deserves to be in a better place.

Автор — GamingTaylor


I'm never realize before...from a super cheap product of China, theres a poor people that leave their family to work and get low pay. I don't know why...but this is so heartbreaking

Автор — Allissia Purple