20 Best NEW Games of E3 2019

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20 Best NEW Games of E3 2019 4.5
E3 2019 is in full swing and tons of new games have been announced. Here are our favorite new games announced.

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1% of comments: Talking about how they're excited for the games
99% of comments: You mean 2019?

Author — Arishwin Kishaan



My Cartoon Network little heart: dying tbh

Author — Nathan R.


gameranx: Obviously inspired by Zelda

Me: They said it was inspired by Greek Mythology mate

Author — SirYeetacusTheThird Ree


"Dont fear the unknown, attack it!"

Me: *_Tears all pages of Math book_*

Author — Godspeed


"The Elden Ring... Ohhh, Elden Ring!"

Author — Ophly


100% of the comments: i tHiNk yOu mEaNt 2019 lMaO

Author — M.B. A.E.


It's going to be completely different on release

Author — Dixie Rect


I'm so stoked for Ghostwire Tokyo, looks so beautiful!

Author — Jacob Cole


Take a shot everytime he says, "I'm there."

Author — Samme U


Omg yes yes yes yes zelda omg tour kidding omfg I'm like actually so genuinely happy rn ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

Author — Jayden Hannay


My favorite game at E3 is the bathroom simulator

Oh wait...

Author — Rocket


10:51 Blair Witch *did* have a game adaptation. "Blair Witch Vol. I: Rustin Parr" by Terminal Reality in the year 2000. It was mediocre tho.

Author — Noq


0:25 - Outriders (2020)
1:05 - Contra: Rogue Corps (09/24/2019)
1:38 - Crossfire X (2020)
2:01 - Spiritfarer (2020)
2:34 - Roller Champions (2020)
3:12 - No More Heroes 3 (2020)
3:43 - Gods & Monsters (02/25/2020)
4:16 - Ghostwire: Tokyo
5:10 - Pistol Whip [VR]
5:55 - Tales of Arise (2020)
6:32 - Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2020)
7:15 - Rainbow Six Quarantine (2020)
7:50 - Carrion (2020)
8:42 - Bleeding Edge
9:26 - Deathloop
10:04 - Elden Ring
10:36 - Blair Witch
11:16 - Baldur's Gate III
11:56 - Watch_Dogs Legion (03/06/2020)
12:45 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Sequel

Author — NickName Game


When you were in the middle of typing your "you mean 2019?" comment as they fixed it...

Author — 2 Boo


I feel like my friend Pedro deserved a spot in there

Author — Eiður Kristinn Guðmundsson


Anyone else immediately know the number 1 game?

Author — iTheman 6s


0:45 what is that song in the background, can't put my finger on it and I've heard it before

Author — ipKonfig.com


The legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 i hope he comes on nintendo switch

Author — yanos Vereecke


Ghostwire: Tokyo stood out to me the most !

Author — Alexander King


I never have to watch the whole video, when everyone lays out the games for me. Good looks

Author — Tony Lesser