You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea | STAY CURIOUS #15

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You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea | STAY CURIOUS #15 5

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We want to thank Professor Kim from Korea University Guro Hospital for sharing his expert insight. The written transcript of this first interview is now available in our community app. If you also want us to do a follow-up interview with Professor Kim and have him answer your questions, you can directly ask our founder, Stephen, on our community app, which you can download here:
We share all the behind-the-scenes photos and stories about our videos in this community as well so download it now. See you on the inside!

Author — Asian Boss


“ The moment we become arrogant, we´ll lose” the phrase that summarizes why the virus has spread so much.

Author — Luisina


this guy should replace the head of WHO, ,

Author — alb warabi


Doctor says, "I've dealt with disease", then goes on to list the most infectious and deadly diseases in the world, treating them EVERY YEAR! You didn't interview a doctor, you interviewed a LEGEND Sir!

Author — Pho King #1


In Romania, parts of your interview were shown on national television. Thank you so much for making this interview!

Author — bilias hour


Korea deserves Global Recognition for their compassionate and effective response!

Author — Carleen Desebel


36 minutes of an Asian Boss interview just outperformed the *ENTIRETY* of american media over the last two months.
Awesome job, Stephen! And big thanks to Prof. Kim Woo-Ju for sharing his insight!

Author — Kasper


what is more amazing about Koreans is that arrogance has no place in their being. Dr. Kim Woo Joo is right, always stay humble. High respect for him and Korea.

Author — Joel Fernandez


He says: "This is science. You have to be humble. The moment we become arrogant, we'll lose" Totally true, we see how many arrogant countries are losing... but losing a lot know.

Author — Wara Chamani


In America and Europe you wont see this kinda interview. The western world is a joke. They make everything into politics.

Author — junkies1111


I had shoulder surgery at this hospital 15 years ago and I've had no problems with it since. And they encouraged me way back then, not to choose the American pain medicine (I had a choice because I was serving in the Army then) because they said it was addictive, so I used theirs which was a jell-like pouch hooked to an IV and injected directly into my shoulder, I could squeeze the pouch if I was in pain or it automatically injected within a certain timeframe. Absolutely no euphoric feeling going to my head or blood stream, just isolated relief to surgery site... They probably could foresee where we were headed even back then. I think about it all the time with this opiod epidemic we now have. So glad I opted to have my surgery there... Great hospital, smart people!

Author — happyboss777


Loved this interview and typed up some notes for those interested:

Who is most at risk?
- Highest death rate is in the elderly.
- 0.1% for 30 and 40 year olds

Can you get the flu again?
- Usually people who get the flu, the bodies develop antibodies and they recover in 2 weeks and don't get sick again.
- For Covid, people who have been discharged are getting the virus again .

How do you get infected?
- 3 ways to get infected:
1. Droplet Transfer: Directly being coughed or sneezed on by someone and being with their droplets.
2. Indirect Transfer: When patient coughs or sneezes and the droplets land on keyboards/tables/doorknobs. Virus can survive up to 3-4 days on surfaces like tables/door knobs, and 1 day for fabric/clothes.
3. Direct Transfer: When someone coughs/sneezes on hands and you shake their hands and subsequently touch your face/mouth/eyes etc...

Can you get it just by breathing?
- Yes, Aerosol Transmission possible in certain cases (i.e. Airborne transmissions)
- Airborne transmission likely in densely packed areas. But, in outdoor environments and not in closed spaces, not as likely through airborne transmission.

What are the symptoms of the virus?
- Loss in appetite, mild aches, fevers, sore throat, difficulty breathing.
- 30% of those who get the virus can't smell or taste anything
- Lose your sense of smell or taste

Can you get infected if it's on skin?
- You get infected by virus going through eyes/mouth/nose because there are mucous membranes in those areas.
- However, you can't get the virus from it just being on your skin. That's why it's important to wash your hands.

How effective is wearing mask?
- Very effective.
- In the west, not many people wear masks which is odd. The US Surgeon General and WHO recommend people not to wear masks, but he disagrees. Wearing mask is extremely effective.
- They probably said that so medical ppl can have more masks and normal people stop hoarding.
- If everyone wears masks, there will be less infections in general. WHO encourages normal people not to wear masks. But in Asia, because of cultural differences, they encourage ppl to wear masks.
- As a result, US/Europe spreading much faster than Asia did.

If it gets warmer, will the virus go away?
- Hard to predict, but won't go away quickly.
- Several scenarios:
- 1st Scenario: Covid ends like SARS did when it got warmer. SARS started in Nov 2002 and ended July 2003. But, back then people travelled less and infection was much smaller (mostly Asia + Canada only).
- For Covid, IF the whole world cooperates, it can end by July/August 2020 and it won't infect people again. However, only 10% probability this may come true.
- 2nd scenario: Covid stays in the summer and it'll spread to southern hemisphere when it's their winter and it'll come back again in our winter. Just like regular flu cycle.
- 3rd scenario: we develop a vaccine and put a end to it once and for all. But this scenario is difficult to achieve.
- Inventing a new vaccine usually takes 10-15 years and costs US$800M. Covid is not even 100 days old. Doctors have only had 2 months to understand their DNA structure so far.
- At fastest, IF everything goes smoothly (big if), and it'll take 18 months if all goes well to develop vaccine.
- However, even if US / China develops a vaccine, would they share the vaccine? Also, it'll be impossible for US with 320million population to vaccinate everyone. It becomes a choice of priority. Who gets the cure first?

What cures are being used now?
- Best thing we can do is "drug repurposing":
- Try to find a drug that's being used to treat another disease that can also be effective for Covid.
- Ex. A drug that is used for Malaria was found to be somewhat effective in treating Covid and used for critical patients right now.
- Another way:
- Take the blood of patients who recovered and use the antibodies in the blood to give to critical patients. So recovered people should donate their bloods if they can.

Any last comments?
- Currently, doctors working 2 months nonstop and very worn out. Their bodies are tired as a result so they can catch the virus from patients more easily. They are more vulnerable than normal people.

Last advice to people in teens, 20s, 30s?
- You may be fine, but if you spread to an elderly family member, it could be fatal.
- Wear mask. Socially distance. You need to protect yourself so you can protect your family.

Author — Pho6


Yes this was a good interview, the doctor was not interrupted so that we could hear what he wanted to say.

Author — Stephen Williams


This was a great interview. I learned more from watching this video than I've learned from watching any U.S. News agency. I am American. Yes - we were told early on that mask were un-effective against this virus, and therefore we didn't wear them. At the same time the greedy people of America went out and bought the entire supply from grocery stores and supply stores. Now that we're learning more we realize we need to wear mask, and to also cover our eyes. In my opinion, we've been a day late and a dollar short since the beginning of this catastrophe. I'm 67. I'm staying away from Everybody the best I can. I'll keep doing that until this is over. I'm going to share this video. I think the world has a lot to learn from the example(s) Korea has set. Thank you for sharing this interview. Bless you, always.

Author — Stephen Smith


This is a brilliant man, who are the 3.2k idiots disagreeing with him?

Author — Jim Fitz


They should cancel President Trump's next press conference and screen this video instead.

Author — Jur Snijder


I'm not used to hearing about Covid without political narratives or sensationalism. Good stuff.

Author — Daniel Love


Thank you, sitting in USA and all we really want is truth.

Author — Heather Partridge


i forgot what a real interview looked like

Author — nofirethanks


God bless you Professor Kim Woo-Joo
The world needs people like you .
Humble, wise, professional.

Author — Kriss Cartan