Jim Acosta: From CNN To Fox News, No Journalist Is The Enemy

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Jim Acosta: From CNN To Fox News, No Journalist Is The Enemy 4
CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta says that none of his colleagues, from CNN to Fox News, from anchors to journalists who report from warzones, are the enemy of the people.

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In history class, I always wondered how an untalented painter from Munich, Germany was able to become THAT popular with millions of his fellow people. It did not sound right. The Trump era is teaching me, there are always people who will not care about the truth or rational thinking, eager to turn off their own brains and 'follow a leader' and defend him - no matter the consequences.

I call this "the last white WalMart uprising" before U.S. demographic will take care of them, eventually. Stop reading HIS tweets and look around you, look at the people saying "yes" to him. Where did they go to school? What have they learned in life? Who told them to 'think' like that? What are they (really) afraid of?

Jim Acosta - CNN's George Clooney, as I like to call him - might like himself a little bit too much, during the daily White House Presser, but that is no reason to attack him and threaten him and journalists in general, all around. There is never a reason for that - unless you have something to hide. Threatening journalists is what people do in Russia, Kasachstan, Turkey, Iran ... - Trump is playing with fire and his mob is following him into the abyss.

Author — Adam Beckett


"Im allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else." -Jim Acosta

Author — Mama Mia


I'm so glad that CNN came to bat for Acosta he's such a good reporter and he stands up for what he's reporting on etc. AND I was surprised that Fox also supported him as well. Good to see.

Author — Werebilby J


“It’s harder to be kind than to be clever. It’s the difference between gifts and choices. Cleverness is a gift. Kindness is a choice.”

Author — Thomas Jefferson


“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”

— George Orwell

Author — Cameranoia


"These people", "These folks" are the same people that Jim the 🐂💩er referred to as mentally dereanged.
So there goes Jim the 🐂💩 er's ethics, according to the journalist unions all over the world journalists are not make disparaging remarks about people because you do not like their politics.
Sorry but I doubt if more than 50% of journalists agree with or support you, quite a lot less than that do.
Acosta asked his question and before his president could finish answering he starts to tell him what the "correct" Ander should be, then keeps asking more.
What about the rights to freedom speech of the actual journalists who Jim the 🐂💩 er denied the right of asking a question?

Author — GUYIVKS


Basically the moral is : Communication is key. I'm a vet and that's one of the first things we're taught. Never assume. Be clear and be precise.

Author — dolphinbuc


When you go to Youtube you look at news vids and documentaries such as FOX, CNN, MSBC, etc.you will see 95-99% comments are republicans.

When you watch talkshows, sitcoms, TMZ, etc, they you can see that 90% of comments are democrats.

I leave it as that.

Author — EyelashLady


@1:00 Jim, hear this: You, CNN or anybody else have NO right to demand anything! Press conferences are information sessions to give you a chance to ask questions. They are not there to provide you with the opportunity to debate or argue. No matter how much those to whom you preach in your echo chamber expect you to..

Author — George Bronte


God Bless You, Jim Acosta!!! Thank you for your ability to stand strong in the face of so much hostility and unbelievable personal attacks! You and the other "fake news" reporters give me hope every day that the truth 'may' ultimately prevail. We are with you!!! Cheering you on!!!

Author — Roselynne Broussard


‘We need a sNational Organization to protect our 1st amendment(freedom of speech) of the constitution, as the NRA protects the 2nd amendment. The Trump administration is doing everything they can to silence journalists (except those on FOX) who continue to search for the truth and fact check the daily “lies” that flow from

Author — Herbert yim


Right or Left, journalism is important to democracy. If you can't see that then you need to sit down and reassess your morals

Author — simplesam01


Stephen: " you had and exchange with Trump? Welcome to our show"

Author — Smallie Biggs


Pushing answer on the show, meeting, conference , man you look like FBI investigation .

Author — Nicky Chuaybamrung


At 4:00 when the crowd claps, Jimmy looks annoyed that he was interrupted. A small sample of what he does everyday in the White House. He's a complete fraud and tool of the Libby Left.

Author — Kev G


It just amazes me that we can see things so differently from one another and have the same info. In this case I personally think Jim is a biased idiot. I know, I know most of you think the same of Trump. I actually agree but facts are facts...and Jim is twisting them.

Author — Tux Fakenews


Jim Acosta somehow reminds me a little of George Clooney. Anyway he´s a good Journalist. The real enemy of the People is tRump

Author — callmedrecksack


Ohh look Jim the sideline muse lol He’s finished hahahhahahaha

Author — Dman D.


jim the ac·coster such a news im·pos·tor. Hahaha

Author — Kenneth Slone


No wonder Jim is "The Enemy of the People" Godspeed and good luck. We need you buddy.

Author — Sun Shine