Giants vs. Dodgers NLDS Game 4 Highlights (10/12/21) | MLB Highlights

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Giants vs. Dodgers NLDS Gm4 full game highlights from 10/12/21, presented by Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

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I am a lifelong Dodgers fan. This series has been amazing and exhausting. Exactly what to expect of Championship Baseball. All I care about at this point, is that both teams give it their all in a hopefully Epic Game 5. May the best team win and who ever wins, takes that momentum all the way.

Author — Sean Derrick


The fact that we're now heading to Game 5 just shows how competitve this rivalry is.

Author — Bonzo


I’ve been thinking that this series is really the World Series, with the two teams with the best records facing each other. But when you look at all the other teams, you see so many really good teams out there. Good baseball!

Author — Bill Eilfort


I thought I would never dislike a team more then the Giants. Then along comes the Astros and their enabling fans.

Author — GreenFox


Two of the most competitive teams of this season facing each other off in the Playoffs. What more do u want to see. NL is heating up nicely. Would like to see one of these two teams win the WS as well. Fingers crossed for a fantastic game 5🔥🔥

Author — Sports lover


I find it honestly hilarious that if the Dodgers win this series, 88 win Atlanta has home field advantage

Author — JN336


No matter what, hopefully this is the last time two 109 plus win teams meet this early in a postseason. You can still find value in division winners, but expand these payoffs

Author — ICE-T's BodyCount


2:19 Strong throw! If it had been on the mark I think he would've had the runner...

Author — LoowheezeBreeze


Very good, jovially! Congratulations Los Angeles Dodgers. Coach, Roberts, well-done!



As a lifelong Dodger fan, I'm excited. As a fan of the game, this matchup couldn't be better. I only hope that -- especially with the Rays out -- that whichever team survives this wins the whole thing.

Author — James Sylvester


I'm a lifetime Yankees fan...
But in all candor, this rivalry supersedes ours and thd Bosox. It spans parts of three centuries...half of which were spent playing 15 minutes apart from one another. This is just another epic chapter.

Author — TheBatugan77


Well thank God the Dodgers won, Thursday will be the final battle. Win or lose. May the best team win.
Go Dodgers!!!

Author — Yovel Jurado


Going all the way to Game 5 is full of excitement. This is the best game of the season!

Author — 잘모르겄어


I won't sit here and underestimate my opponents from Crawford to Solano to Webb to graceano or however you spell his name who hit a run in winning and clinching the division against the braves. I know they have dug through injuries and have face deficits I know this will be a battle of the wits a test of encouragement and I'm proud to call my team the Los Angeles Dodgers champions that brought it to a really great opponent who's has faced every team just like mine and overcome to get a win and be exactly where they are meant to be battling for their reins and defending their title. I will not underestimate my opponents good luck San Francisco id gladly shake 🤝 your hand after because this is by far one of these games that will be talked about after we are all gone. Too all my legends and heroes playing Thurs play your heart out Let's go Dodgers 💙🔵💙🔵💙🔵...
True fans not haters 👍

Author — tristan tobar


Wouldn’t have it any other way.. Great series… Go Dodgers

Author — Desert Dog


I’m glad this series is going to a Game 5. It’s actually the only LDS series to go to a Game 5.

Author — Bklynkid52



Author — Daniel Torres49


As a life long Giants fan I have to hand it to you guys. That was a good game the Dodgers played. With all due respect, damn what a good game. This is why i love baseball!! We'll see what happens next game, and good job to both sides, especially LA to tie it up in the beginning of postseason.

Author — Ateos Edm


The ball was just NOT carrying at all. That's insane. Dodgers should've went yard like 4 more times than they did

Author — David B


Of course this would be the only series going 5

Author — Kenny K.