Home Estate FOR SALE in Madeira Island with Remax and Ivo de Sousa

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In today's video I introduce you to my dear friend Ivo, our real estate connection in Madeira!

Ivo's a fellow South African and has actually already helped some of our Hit The Road Tours clients buy their dream property in Madeira. So we teamed up to show you this dream Family Estate in Garajau, Santa Cruz.

For any Real Estate enquiries in Madeira, you can contact Ivo de Sousa;
tel: +351 964 437 875 (Uses WhatsApp)

Hit The Road Tours is a small, passionate adventure tour company in Madeira island specialising in personalised experiences from half day tours to 7 day multi-day expeditions.

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Thank you to André Moniz Vieira for shooting and editing this video! (FOLLOW him on IG @filmbyandre)

If you're looking for a new destination, or a even a familiar one, Madeira should be the top of your list to visit in 2021!
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Love that area. Right there close to Canico. Just minutes from Funchal too.

Author — UnHappy Gilmore


Another great video, also cool info about the christ statue. I didn't know Madeira was first.

Author — Alannah's Life


Classy Luxurious Madeira Real Estate !

Thanks for sharing !

Author — Prince London


hope.to see more.house tour apartment tour from you 😃

Author — L Mario


Great video! Would love it if you could show us some more affordable real estate. Maybe the differences in price in the different parts of the island. Rental prices etc etc

Author — Matt Bee


Great video. More of this! Especially working with Ivo

Author — Ben Berry


Stunning! I would love to see beautiful villas but more affordable 500K mark? Thank you.

Author — Cindy Almeida


Jeff, might very well find a house for me on your proposal in the coming year .

Author — rik marx