Full Building of a Custom Goodall Guitar

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Full Building of a Custom Goodall Guitar 5
Goodall Guitars, committed to acoustic excellence since 1972.

Welcome to the day-by-day video recording of a beautiful Goodall guitar being constructed over a five week build period. In this long version recording you will see and hear how these master luthiers handcraft world class instruments. You will gain an appreciation for the quality, craftsmanship and fine details revealed in this video.

Narration voice-over is by James Goodall and Luke Goodall. Background music is performed by fine musicians playing their Goodall guitar models.

All music used with permission, thanks to Doug, Axel, Steve, Jeff, and Alex. You can find out more about them on their official web sites:

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Why do I always find these videos 5 minutes before I need to go to bed?

Автор — Ron Williams


The background music was a little overwhelming and drowned out the voice over in some parts. I had to strain to understand what they were saying.

Автор — VolDep45


Incredible. This isn't a video of making a guitar. This is a video of making art.

Автор — Mojomatrix


The dedication and precision used by Luke, is extraordinary, these are masterpieces. Of course Luke has a David's like body..:-)

Автор — jeanluc capri


47:07 my OCD doesnt like those fingerprints all over the machine



I watched the entire video. That is how enthralled I was with this remarkable craftsmanship. Perfect instrument.

Автор — Smarty The Pants


$$'s? ~24:00 That bit about no excessive inlays is true. Overly tarted-up instruments are distracting....

Автор — Doc Will


now i understand why my guitar is cost of 2, 000 😮

Автор — Cezar Lara Climaco


and to think they call Michelangelo a craftsman ! 2nd time I have watched this ..work of fine artists . thanks

Автор — Richard Fettig


SIMPLY GORGEOUS AND INFORMATIVE AND ENTERTAINING from stem to stern. This is beautiful work in a beautiful film of American masters, master craftsmen and musicians! Thank you. arthur.

Автор — NgaiOlaudah


Yes it is true folks. Some things can actually be more than the sum of their parts. Although not in the same class as Jim and Luke's guitars, my crappy Norlin era Gibson SG after a quality refret and set up by Mike in the Seattle area certainly is a stunning player since. The Gibson factory fret work was kinda

Jim and Luke certainly "get it".

Автор — Norlin Kalamazoo


24:30 " Stay awhile, and listen. "



just amazed by all the jigs that were made to make everything consistant, but well worth the time in long run very nice craftmanship

Автор — Joe McGraw


32:27 "He's even worked with...." Who? I have to know. Oh man such a cliff hanger.

Автор — PorterBear


This was exquisite and magical...I would have LOVED to have heard someone play the one they made on camera.

Автор — ConanTheRepublican


I have no idea how I got here. I was enjoying a “Andes Goat Herding” video and this came up. Glad it did too ! My dad was a songwriter who loved quality acoustic guitars. He had his first Martin from the 50’s, that he cherished dearly. He had many others over the years, but that one was part of him. He wrote 13 #1 songs and “Song of The Year” on one. I lost him recently, but have his beloved instruments. No, they are sure no replacement for my best friend, but they hold a piece of his soul and his music lives forever. Thanks for sharing your amazing love, passion and craftsmanship on here. Some may say “It’s just a guitar..”. Well, if you have to explain, they wouldn’t understand. I sure do and I don’t even play. God bless ! 🇺🇸

Автор — Randy Porter


Whoa. He mentioned Bellingham, WA.
That's where I am.
Now this clip even cooler :)

Автор — Jerry Muzak


Beautiful - worth learning to play ust to justify owning one of these!

Автор — squeezy99


This YouTube is drug free pure best kind of relaxation one can absorb in 49 so much sharing a "peace" of your

Автор — J Lew


It was like watching how heaven was created.
Thank you!

Автор — Raymond B