Epic Cinematic Inspirational Trailer Music - Dreamland

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Epic Cinematic Inspirational Trailer Music - Dreamland 5

Cinematic, Percussive, Energetic, Beautiful, Instrumental, Orchestral Arrangement.


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About the piece & My thoughts:

HELLO! This is one of the tracks that I had in my ‘basement’ for quite some time. Some people did not like this particular piece,which discouraed me a little, however, what do I have to lose if I try, right? A bit of inspirational and motivational vibes going around in this one. I imagine this tune in a scene where a soldier is about to face his destiny, or a musician is about to go for an audition of his life.

Don’t be afraid to take that step! Don’t let fear distract you from your dreamland!

✌ Peace and happiness for everyone! ✌






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💬 Comments on the video

Yes it sounds like despacito, when i was writing this one i had no ideas, so I went forward in time to copy it and came back so no one would catch me but you guys too smart
subscribe pls

Author — Whitesand


Found this from PewDiePie Vs T-Series (2011-2019). Awesome track and fits rather well to the video :D

Author — pantopam


Despacito: I am the best song ever
*Dreamland has entered the chat*
Despacito: *commits deathpacito*

Author — yakashy7395


Kind of sounds like despacito, even thought it's older

Author — Alemrale


Sounds like despacito and faded had a baby

Author — Bengamer 1235


Who else is here from pewdiepie vs t series time line

Author — Adam Dennison


Honestly since I found this channel a few days ago I can't stop listening to your music. I'm a real big fan of many genres of music but instrumental is always a favorite. This might be the inspiration I needed to get back up on the horse to make roleplay style videos or he'll make videos again... <3 your hard work is showing off. Just gonna stop fan voting over great instrumental and keep listening while I sit back closing my eyes and letting the story of each song unfold.

Author — VX TV


Come here from WawamuStats sounds great <3

Author — Nga Nguyen


This is older than despacito come on guys

Author — Neal Liu


you deserve alot of views and likes! i liked the music!

Author — Mary M


INCREDIBLE!!! - you are so talented. I was surprised you were so youthFULL and didn't have a musical background. INCREDIBLE!!! Love this the most about you . . . You give people permission to dream. I have a lot of videos to make. I have had writers block for 7 years and it just broke free 4 months ago. I will use alot of your music going forward and will join Patreon just for your music. THANKS

I'm redoing my websites right now and will put an ad up there for you & your dreamy music and for being so generous while I make a comeback after a decade of gangstalking and trying to take me out. As soon as money begins to flow again - I will make a substantial contribution for your talent & and creative work.

Blessings & Blissings 2 You,

Author — Anastasia Maria


Oh, this is cool.
1.) Restart the video.
2.) Set speed to 2.
3.) Enjoy <3

Author — snek in a cup


Hey, Martyn! I fell in love with this composition, from the second 22 my heart started beating so fast, that's amazing! I'd love to use it for one of my videos, so I'm asking for your permission (of course I'll give you all the credits in the description); you know, I have a channel about learning Russian, and I love the motivational vibes of your piece, I think it would encourage learners ).Thank you for reading this comment and for your work in general, you bring something valuable to this world, your music is magic!

Author — Live Russian


Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath but Carter keeps getting kidnapped every five seconds or so

Author — sᏢᎥffᎽ bᎾᎥ


Man, you are the Best. Free for use, and with EXCELENT quality music, dreamy and epic. Congratulations, keep the good work.

Author — Rodrigo Viveros


Wonderful your work, and you are extremely generous, without dictating rules, etc., I will use your songs in my future projects and I will issue you all the credits absolutely deserving. Success!



WOW man! WoW fuc..ing marvellous tone man! Your are my new god!

Author — Vahil Errante


I love that music! & It 99% sounds like that popular music "Despacito"

Author — Fyingfox Gaming


This is beautiful! Thank you. I would like to use it as background music for some interviews. Could I?

Author — Alejandro Espejo Silva, LC


just looking for some soundtracks for a movie trailer (school project) and came across this channel. I gotta say, I'm in love. Love your work. I just don't get why you only have 15k subscribers when you clearly deserve more :)

Author — Oceana Siemsen