How To Start Using Retin A + My Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging!

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You are the best. If it wasn't for you and Dr Dray, my skin would be a mess. I cleared up my cystic acne and learned how to use tretinoin properly without stripping my skin. I use the 0.05% every other day and clindamycin every day. I don't have problems with Japanese chemical sunscreens so I use those. I'm only 26, but I love watching older YTers because they always know what REALLY works and not using it because it smells good.

Edit: sidenote to anyone getting upset with me for answering questions about skincare in the comments.. I am a licensed esthetician and work in healthcare.

Author — McKena Sharp


Angie has almost single handedly started my serious skin care regimen. That was almost six years ago and the results have been tremendous. Thank you Angie for the doing the ground work.

Author — Deborah Mac


I started using Retin A in my 30's due to adult acne issues and I really haven't missed a night for over 30 years. At 62 I have skin that my dermatologist said is a poster ad for Retin A. I am just starting to see a tiny wrinkle near my mouth but that is about it. I use a pea size amount and even get my neck with this amount. The key word here is patience and knowing that time really is the key. Of course I am not a big sun worshiper but this is an amazing product. I love the Australian Gold sunscreen that you recommended and use religiously too. Now if I can just find a miracle product to take away puffy eyes I'll be all set!!! Thanks Angie for another great video!

Author — Beth Parks


You always say you appreciate our time. We appreciate yours too! Thank you for these thoughtful videos.

Author — Rachel Grubbs


I'm excited to try Curology! Being shipped to me as we speak!Thank you Angie!

Author — Wendy Sears


Thank you, Angie for yet another informative and easy to understand skincare video.
I always enjoy watching your videos!

Author — Generation X


Hello there, Angie! I love all the Mad Hippie products and have happily used them per your suggestions. I dont see a link for the cleanser. I also began the Retin A journey as a result of your very informational and honest vids. I thank you very much for making the introduction of Retin A into my routine so much easier! I find you completely relatable, intelligent and lovely!

Author — Trista Fischer


I love that Curology is vegan and cruelty-free, too! You look amazing, of course. Thank you! :)

Author — Michelle Schaefer [VEGGIE CHEL]


I also wanted to thank you again for this update! So timely for me. I’m actually starting a daily journal and schedule for my skincare so I can better track what I’m doing each day of the week and for how long. I’m in this for the long haul and have no problem being patient. You’ve been a huge inspiration. You’ve taught me so much. You are amazing and I know there are so many like me who appreciate all that you do.

Author — Lisa Middleton


Thank you Angie. I use the Cerve products from your reccomendation as well as the vit C. You are so thorough and informed

Author — Sharon M


I’ve been using your skin care routine for many years now. I feel such a difference in my skin and I understand skin care so much better now after watching you. Thanks so much.

Author — Shelly S


Thank you Angie! You area wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all you do to educate and help us learn about anti-aging products and methods- you’re the best!!!👍🏼

Author — Sasha Peck


You look wonderful, Angie! Thank you for sharing! I've learned SO MUCH from watching your videos the last 5 years!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Lydia

Author — Lydia Glassman


Angie, love your videos. I've learned so much from you. Thanks for your honesty and forthrightness. Keep up the good work!

Author — Sandi Stokes


Thank you so much for this! Somehow I missed that I wasn't supposed to use all the acids together at first. I hadn't even started retin-A but did use all the other acids at once. And it did burn and I gave up. I'll do it the right way now. Thanks!

Author — cinnie2


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you! I just got my first tube today and looking forward to it, but have heard some scary stories about it in the past. This video just relieved all my concerns, and now I'm I can't wait to begin. I will follow your your recommendations to a tee.

Author — jt rover


Angie, your videos are so helpful and full of information 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Thank you for all your hard work and research you put into your videos💖

Author — Vanessa Alves


Love your videos -- this channel is a new home for me, very comforting and encouraging -- thank you! I have a question about the refrigeration of your skincare products. Which items do you prioritize for refrigeration? Do you keep your sunscreens in the mini-fridge as well?

Author — Karen Christian


Thank you, Angie!! I'm not sure why, but I am soooo happy when I see that you've done a new video about Retin-A. It's almost as good as dark chocolate. I can feel the serotonin flowing and my wrinkles disappearing at the same time. Thanks so much for busting your tiny butt and putting these thoughtful videos together for us. Sending tons of love from Southern California while covered in tons of SPF 50+ sunscreen and a big floppy hat.

Author — 4OutOf5Doctorz


Hi Angie, I started RetinA a year ago following your routine, I have had no issues and my skin is looking better than ever. Thank you so much for your good sound advice. I think you have saved many faces all over the world. Cheers from Australia ❤️

Author — Gianna S