Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail Or Redemption | SPAC Nation

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Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail Or Redemption | SPAC Nation 4.5

First in a new observational documentary series following the radical work of Church SPAC Nation as it tries to help young Londoners escape gang culture.

Former gang leader Kevin has just become a pastor. He is now trying to persuade high-ranking members of his former gang to turn their lives around. We see Kevin’s struggles as he tries to bring Beckton drill rapper and gang leader, Young Dizz - reputed to be one of the most dangerous young people in London - into the church. Young Dizz finds it hard to give up the violent music and lifestyle, despite Kevin's efforts to help him escape. Meanwhile, the church is worried that new recruit, Jahiem, 16, is being sucked deeper into drug-dealing in Brixton.

This is the first of three films in the series, released each Sunday.

*Typo at 11:55, should read 2018

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This guy is literally one of them Nigerian phone scammers

Author — Luke Thomas


What a joke. The pastor is in a lambo but asks for donations off poor people. What a scam, and people wonder why the church is failing lol

Author — London Taylor


Pastor driving a lambo automatic fraud

Author — Local Tea


Young dizz is not trynna change he just wants that free studio 😂😂😂

Author — SubToMeForNoReason AndReceiveAFreeDraco


Young dizz raps about making ppl drink acid and laughing at mums of dead kids crying about burying their son, and then he got the nerve to say he ain't a violent person and he's been painted wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — G. WH1TE


It's so sad that you have to flaunder clothes, cars, jewelry to get young people to listen to you ! I thought church and belief is ALL about being humble. Humble how Jesus was !

Author — Renata Ostertag


2 weeks later my mans gone n got 12 year sentence 😭

Author — K D


How can you have people in your "church" wearing a bally????

Author — LoLo


Didn't hear the name of Jesus once! lol

Author — test cch


Tbh please just call yourselves a Gang Reform Organisation or something...

Author — Rachel Sonaiki


So tell me when BBC 3 is making a Doc about black kids going to Uni at 12 like Akala stated?

Author — A. Inai


Church donations must be paying well if he can afford a car like that!

Author — Steve Knight


Keep God out of this, this is a money rehabilitation centre not a Church.

Author — MEbeing ME


I wish they marketed themselves as a social enterprise rather than a church because I would be supportive of it rather than including God in things that don’t glorify God.

Author — ParadoxBox


I feel like this church needs to distinguish between building entrepreneurs and building faith within the people that go here. Getting drug dealers and young people in gangs to change their ways should be applauded but the gospel is really not what they are selling to these young people in my opinion, they're selling a lifestyle. So what I feel needs to be done is have spac nation church and have a spac nation organisation. One of which helps people come to Christ and then the other can be a separate organisation that helps people who have taken a wrong turn in life become entrepreneurs. Not bashing spac nation it just seems like there's too much going on and christianity isn't the primary focus.

Author — F I


I dont trust these people at all at all at all.. this is a 419! Don't get involved

Author — Nina Marie


Lool Young dizz keeps his shades on the whole time then once he’s out in the sun he takes them off😂

Author — ARA 123


Using materialistic things to attract young souls🤦🏾‍♀️

Author — Tiana Walker


Bally’s in church? Gospel drill? Flaunting wealth in church? It will NEVER make sense to me. This church is filled with false prophets. 1 Timothy 6 says it all really, especially 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Author — Nobuprincess


Can everyone else see that they're just getting inducted into another gang?

Author — Alex Johnson