Wotofo Flux Kit - SLEEK AND POWERFUL!!

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**DISCLAIMER** The products in this video were sent to me free of charge by the manufacturer for the purpose of making this review. I have not been paid/sponsored to produce any content herein/give a more favorable opinion. All opinions are my own based on my testing standards.

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I received my Flux kit today (8/6/18) and so far, so good.
I read on reddit that some people are experiencing leaking from the Flow Pro tank included in the kit, if left overnight with juice in it. Also, some are experiencing flooding if the setup is left unvaped for 15 minutes or more and vaping at the lower end of the recommended wattage range (40-50 watts).
The Flow Pro is also compatible with Geekvape's Aero/Aero Mesh tank coils and will solve most flooding/gurgling issues.

Author — GSPD 550


Yes this is a nice kit & a Powerful Mod. I have The all black murdered out. Great Review Nick Daily Vape Tv

Author — Tino Dollas 414


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Author — Patrick King


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Author — Phil Lee


great review bro, u pointing cons is great

Author — MoenD


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Author — Bob RobertB


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