Acting AG Whitaker now overseeing Russia investigation

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Acting AG Whitaker now overseeing Russia investigation 4.5
Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz analyzes the fallout from Sessions's resignation and predicts Rosenstein stays until after the Russia probe report is released.

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Sessions out now it's time to release the documents

Author — Bean Soup


Just release the report and let the American people see what the government has wasted its time and money on.

Author — Jack Daniel


Now that sessions has resigned, he needs to go back home and do nothing. Sound familiar!

Author — Matthew Jones


its going to look so surreal watching the people who were running our country in handcuffs. Gitmo is going to be packed.

Author — Brilliant Hooligans


When does Hillary get arrested for all the murders she ordered?

Author — Victor Johnson


its over. hammer about to drop on the deep state. I heard Holder is freaking out 😱😂💜😂😂

Author — BallTistic Screecher


DummyCrats are freaking out. Lolololololol



Down with the Swamp ! Down with the Deep State !

Author — Bunker Buster


I thought the Mueller's probe was to end in September??? Time to trip the handle on the toilet!!!

Author — Duane Bettger


Great news! The next step is to arrest deep state creatures!

Author — Nick Mild


Professor Dershowitz is right -- the President deserves a loyal AG with some advice from majority Senators. And that it's about time to finally bring the Russia Hoax to a closure.

Author — tamimerkaz


Rod Rosenstein didn’t get fired or resign after he was caught with the FISA abuse. Something big is about to happen with the Russia hoax.

Author — ramms mutter69


Thank God we're rid of the Keebler elf !

Author — Kathleen Macellis


As soon as a new AG is confirmed, he will take over the Mueller investigation and Rosenstein will be fired. Let’s hope this scenario happens quickly!

Author — Keep It Real


Looks like Trump out smarted the democrats once again, imagine that

Author — sick of liberals


Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke for AG would be a good fit IMO

Author — Scott Lysek


It’s time to get an AG that is 100% engaged. Sessions has been absent from the job. He was not honest with Trump during the interview recusing himself AFTER he got the job. It’s like applying for a post office job and telling your boss after you have the job and saying “Oh by the way, I can’t pick up a box over 15 pounds”. What! This has handicapped Trump his entire term thus far due to Sessions lack of candor until after he had the job.

Author — Robert Condon


Hey, Beauregard Sessions, try not to let the door hit your wrinkled arsh on the way out.

Author — Bengal Ghost


"Bye Jeff!"
This new guy BETTER BE taking over Mueller's investigation and putting limits back where they were when this charade first began! Rosenstein had better be 'recused'; ( -and ARRESTED!).

Author — David Hatchell


If you take away the Russia hoax, Rachel Maddow won't have a job. 😁

Author — lindalovesmusic1