🚂 Baby Songs and Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs by Dave and Ava 🍉

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🚂 Baby Songs and Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs by Dave and Ava 🍉 3
Find all your favorite nursery rhymes in this collection!

Check out our new nursery rhymes collection to learn and play with Dave and Ava! We are streaming some of your favorite educational videos and songs for kids today. Join us to sing along with your little ones. It's #DaveAndAvaTime!

Go to your favorite nursery rhyme by selecting a title below:

00:19 Number Train
04:48 Five Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed
07:08 Down by the Bay
10:58 This Little Piggy – Colors
13:23 Five Little Speckled Frogs
17:13 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
19:13 Five Little Ladybugs
23:28 Hot Cross Buns
26:13 Color Song
29:55 One Two Three Four Five Once I Caught a Fish Alive

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Hi everybody from Babybus panda. I love all of you and this video. Bestwishes for all of you! Thank you so much !

Author — Fun GamePlay


I'm letting my lil sister see this and everytime I put Dave and ava she smiles thank you Dave and ava

Author — Yesi Lopez


Love it numbers is fun to learn. I really really love it so much, thank you for making it. You had made me smile. LOVE YOU DAVE AND AVA

Author — Alexandro Obo


Ava just say something for first time!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong.👍

Author — Juliana Pinzon


Nice video Dave and Eva, Lulu love it 😍👏

Author — LuLu Baby - تعلم الالوان للاطفال