PANELLETS the CATALAN Almond Sweets for All Saint's Day | Gluten free, with potato and sweet potato!

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Hi there 🎃🧡
Keeping up with the Halloween recipes, we have a Catalan one today! The recipe is my grandma's as I would always do this almond sweets with her for All Saint's Day.

180g Almong Flour
50g Baked Potato
50g Baked Sweet Potato
1 Egg yolk
100g Sugar
1tsp Vanilla

To decorate:
Glaced Cherries, Pine Nuts, Cocoa Powder, Coco Flakes.
Extra egg Yolk for the pine nuts
Extra egg Yolk to coat the Panellets

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ThNk you so much for the video, do you think if i remove the sugar (for a healthy version), would it still be good? Thank you🥰🥰

Author — Mirna Ayoubi