What You Need to Know about the Philippines cheap electronics store CD-R King

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Electronics are often expensive in the Philippines but there is one place where you can get cheap electronics, CD-R King. Are CD-R King products worth the money you save? In this video, we don't review any individual products, but review the store as a whole.

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I couldn't agree more with your review. It's a good place to buy stuff that's not too expensive because you won't care much when they break. I buy CDR King products all the time. Some still work, some said goodbye a long time ago, but I still buy from them.. just not the pricey appliances. I always wonder though if an eco-bike from them would be a good buy...

Author — AlldaneAudio


I bought my computer mic from CD-R King, and I gotta say, for a product that only costs P50, it has lasted a long time. The time of writing this, it is July 2015. I bought my mic last August 2014.

Just goes to show that sometimes, items from that store only break because people don't take care of them. Wonderful review, though.

Author — Alec Nathan


I bought a nice mechanical keyboard from there just a while ago actually. So far, I'm really surprised with the quality (got it for only Php1280) and it's worth it. The backplate may be plastic and a fingerprint magnet, but the typing experience is excellent. I always buy from CD-R King for cheap electronics, and if you're looking for cheap gaming peripherals, this store is not so hard to recommend.

Author — ghost banana


I'd rather shop at CDR King instead of any store here in the US. Everything may be cheaply made but most will last long enough for the money you save. The only think I hated about CDR King is how they serve customers. The store seems to always be crowed, so you will often than not find yourself waiting a long time to make a purchase or just ask a question. Reminds me of the DMV sometimes. For our American family that has never been to the Philippines, look at some of the prices in this video and take a look at the USD vs the Peso. I think the Peso is about 46.50 to 1 USD.

I lived in the Philippines for 6 years and been back in the states for two years now. I really miss the PH but not so much to return. I just didn't feel as free to move around as I do here in the States.

Kudos to you for filming for your fans in the mall. Many stores in the Philippines, especially malls will throw you out for filming. I did it to. They are usually more forgiving of foreigners.

Author — Zebra Talk


I'm from the Philippines and based from my experience, your review is totally accurate

Author — trash


I bought an HD TV there and it still works 2 years later. I also bought a 10" android tablet almost a year ago and it still works until now.

Author — nujevad40


Does anybody know if their original CD writeables from when they began back in the early 2000s are still around and not CD-rotted?

Author — HikikomoriDev


Pretty on par review I might say. They do have pretty decent stuff like their old MP3 stuff when iPods were hot and you didn't have money to buy one then CD-R king would be great bargain. Had one that basically became like a necklace and it lasted quite a long time. it was only replaced when I finally got a REAL iPod lol.

Author — Olacarn


bought a 46" tv.. and it still works after more than two years so i guess it's ok. You must consider buying a really tough tv stand for this cause the LED tv is too heavy for it's own built in stand. Other than that, Php19K LED compared to a Php55k branded one, id go with this. In CDR king, there are ok and not ok products so you just have to hear from product reviews from others. Oh and forget about checking whether they will fix items, CDRking wont bother.

Author — Johnfortich Vista


I bought a racing wheel from CDR King. It has been years since I used it, and was left unused after that. Fortunately, when I came to return to the pile of unused items, I set it up and tested it again. It somehow still works!? I've been playing Need for Speed games with that controller, and am still using it until now.

CDR King has the cheap prices for electronics. They might not have the highest quality, for it kinda ranges from low to mediocre to decent. It was never the best, but it's still good. Some products actually last long after years of not using it.

Author — JayCee ch. 【JayCee Creates】


Hey Travis good tips man. I might need those portable wi fi accessories when I fly over there. 😊 you're a awesome dude. Keep up with the reviews.

Author — VC Migs


Man I wish I could visit the Philippines again

Author — Obama Yomama


actually CDR king is the place where we go when we need a electronic accessories in affordable prices. however the quality is not that good but still its depend on how you use or handle the product.

Author — Vhon Mark Torejas


I've been a customer of CD-R King for years now, even before when they were just starting....I've tried a lot of their products from electronics to non-electronics. But if there is one thing consistent about their products is that most of the time,  electronic products and computer peripherals have shorter life span. For example, their External Hard Drive case. After a couple of months, the wiring will overheat and even produces smoke.That happened to me twice. Another is their Laptop fan, after a couple of months, it wont work anymore. Their keyboards only lasted a year with me and I'm very careful with my things. After these incidents, I never bought anything electronic from CD-R king...Also, another issue is with their warranty, they only accept 1 week replacement for smaller items and 6 months warranty for bigger items including their hard drives which is very unreasonable....Their customer service is also very slow since they are using manual auditing in getting orders....I'm still a customer though, I'm just careful with the things I buy from the store especially if I'm gonna use it for a long time. USB's and Blank DVD's are the usual things I buy from them....Yes, their items are cheaper than most computer shops but if you are looking for quality products and you are after the warranty, then CD-R king is not for you...Again, I'm only referring to electronic products here not ALL of their items...

Author — Alexander Ybrahim


i bought a tv in cdr king and its almost 2 years now, it still works.

Author — Jon Paulo Son


I love their gadgets, they have just about everything for the cell phone, tablet such things as electronic adapters, chargers.  I bought a desk top so I went to the newly opened CDR-King in Pagsanjan Laguna its upstairs in a brand new mall, gosh purchased their only UPS or Desk Top battery back up and it does look cheap has a 10 minute grace period before it runs out of juice but I've had it now over a year and it cost me 1200 pesos.  

Things I didn't care for were the lousy customer service, people waiting for help also, they seemed oblivious as if nobody is in the dang store, basically they ignored me and so I just stood there until they were ready to approach me, I know that sounds rude but I'd already been walking back and forth in front of their staff and nothing going... anyway been in back several times and the staff is real nice but it's a been a while so... who knows but get this... This is a technology type store and they use paper receipts, my God is that silly, so they don't take the credit card and write you a receipt... I'm not making this stuff up.

The Philippines does not use USB headsets (they have no use for them), I swear you cannot find a USB headset in any Philippine chain electronic store, it...just...does...not...happen, so the 3.5 plug in only trouble is, I'm learning Tagalog and I need a good USB headset or the computer won't recognize it so it could be my desk top or limitations of my motherboard, I don't want to order stuff online and the prices are expensive but I might have to.

None of these computer chain stores including CDR-King carry their full line up as online so don't be surprised if you live out in the Provincial area's like I do, it's out of stock or maybe it can be put on back order, who knows, they definitely don't try to talk you into ordering it for you or even give a timeline.

Author — mc alleyboy


actually i have been using their combo gaming keyboard for a year and still works perfectly :)

Author — AskMeWhy


I bought one of those cheap Cherry Mobile cellphones there last January, I just needed a cheap little phone to use in Manila. It still works actually, just not very well. I used it in London last June actually, I just swapped out the sim card

Author — evancortez2


I'm looking at their solar panels since they are affordable, though I can buy the same thing in Raon at the same price, but I have to travel a bit to be there. When I went to their store last Sunday in Megamall, they are selling two kinds of 100W panels, one comes with a 3 years and the other 6 years with 3.8K and 4.4K pesos. At least if there are problems, I can just get go to my nearest CDR King branch to have it replace.

Author — Aldrich Allen Barcenas


My thoughts exactly on the place. I wouldnt dare buy anything there even over 4o dollars worth unless I absolutely had to. The USB flash drive for one is an okay thing to pickup since I needed one and youll find a cd-r king at any sm mall etc. anyways.. I remember seeing those electric scooters there. Those things are just screaming chinese junk. Nice review man!

Author — tisoy909