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Journey To Another Universe - Space Documentary HD 4.5

Spacemen, Journey to another Universe
credit: Naked Science
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The Real Star Trek discovers the challenges humankind will have to overcome to journey to distant stars.

One day we may face no choice but to leave Earth, forced by an ice age, pollution or a meteorite to find a new home elsewhere in the galaxy. The difficulties are daunting, humans evolved to live on Earth, not in space. We meet the scientists who are making journeys to Mars and beyond possible.

The first task is finding the right planet; humans need oxygen and water, so not any old earth will do. We meet David Miller, the MIT scientist who works on the Terrestrial Planet Finder project and thinks it will make the job of finding a new home a whole lot easier. The ‘TPF’ is a set of orbiting satellites which can spot Earth-like planets and reveal whether they have a ‘human-friendly’ atmosphere.

Once we’ve found a target, there’s the small matter of getting there. Just traveling to Mars and back is likely to take years. Journeys to stars are likely to be decades if not centuries. We look at some of the concepts to come out of NASA’s propulsion labs, from solar sails to antimatter.

But even the rocket scientists can’t make our ship break the speed of light; we have to accept that crews are going to have to be in this for the long haul. We meet scientists who are trying to ensure that they arrive at their destinations healthy and ready to start life on a new planet.

At MIT, we see centrifuges that mimic the effects of gravity, installed in a spaceship they might stop the crippling loss of muscle and bone mass that would threaten our astronauts. Dava Newman demonstrates her revolutionary design for a spacesuit on a climbing wall, made of the flexible material it will work with the wearer unlike the bulky suits currently used. We also reveal the work being done to overcome the deadly effects of cosmic radiation that threatens to wreck our crew’s DNA.

We also look at the work being done to keep our crew in sound mind. Sealed in a ship for years with only faint communications with Earth they may rely on the software being designed by David Dinges, which allows a computer to spot when humans are becoming stressed.

Eventually, though we may have to accept that more drastic changes are needed before we can leave for the stars. From hibernation pods to methods to slow down aging, the world of science fiction may have to become fact before we can go our solar system. And if we embrace genetic manipulation to redesign ourselves for space, we may also have to change our ideas of what a human is.

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2:37 If we go to a place that is like Earth there shouldn't need be a need for a change so we would still stay humans unless the plant changes

Author — TheJinzo


It says journey to another universe but it is about how to prepare for space travel. Disapointing

Author — Jack Kairon


The Astro-nuts are wearing motor cycle Helmet...Yeah good going

Author — Glen Baxter


"This test in NO way harms the rat"
*Proceeds to Waterboard the poor guy*

Author — Lucius Vorenus


When I heard project Orion I thought I was watching one of those Halo channels talkin' about Spartan program lol

Author — Jason


You can judge how old many of these documentaries on physics/space travel are by how michio kaku looks at the time of filming. He's in many of em!

Author — Neil Adamson


3:50 This is not bad, but it is very dated. The Terrestrial Planet Finder was canceled in 2011, and this was the first proposal, TPF1. All funding for both was permanently deferred in 2006. This production was undoubtedly made before then.

Author — Brian W


It’s quite obvious that given the limitation of our bodies and the conversational method of travel, we have to seriously start thinking outside of the box.

Author — The One


We have a long way to go, we are in the dark ages of space exploration.

Author — Sqeaky Clean


Remember 2001 a space odyssey - artifical gravity rotating wheel. Science fiction writers like Arthur C Clarke answered many of these questions decades ago.

The current evolution of VR will help astronauts virtually stay in touch with reality.

We will become biomechanoids.

Author — RickOShay


good night everybody, don’t forget to brush your teeth

Author — I Kill Naggers


that motorbike helmet painted silver and some tubes and screws glued onto it really gave me a chuckle.

Author — Rory Brooks


I love these types of videos. Easily one of the best channels for A+ content!!

Author — Jon Turney


Yeah we will reach the stars as cyborgs

Author — Judian Velinor


this documentary recorded before 2010. itis kind of old.

Author — bavel ibrahim


We aren't traveling, you are traveling ...please explain the journey.

Author — Lucifer Light


Why don’t we build something that can take fuel from stars? Star are everywhere right?

Author — Hamidul Haque


What if we fuel rocket with atomic energy?

Author — David Davidd


We can enjoy the thrill of of escaping earths security, but we're just bound to our home.telescopes are our virtual reality.lets just be real and stick with what we have???

Author — Randy Smith


A pat on the back might crush his spine lol

Author — Mr.comments