The future of work: is your job safe? | The Economist

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The future of work: is your job safe? | The Economist 5

The world of work will be radically different in the future. From hyper-surveillance of staff to digital nomadism to robots taking jobs—how, where and why we work is changing beyond all recognition.

This is the workforce of the future. Technology is transforming the world of work beyond all recognition creating groundbreaking opportunities. But it's also eroding the rights of workers. Some even fear a dystopian jobless future. But are these anxieties overblown? How we react to this brave new world of work today will shape societies for generations to come.

What are the forces shaping how people live and work and how power is wielded in the modern age? NOW AND NEXT reveals the pressures, the plans and the likely tipping points for enduring global change. Understand what is really transforming the world today – and discover what may lie in store tomorrow.

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*_Can’t worry about losing your job if you’re unemployed_*

Author — Évariste Galois


Humanyze, poor choice of name for a company that dehumanises

Author — puffin juice


this was my favourite episode of black mirror

Author — SampaJasli


well made thank you. This company ironically named "Humanyse" is frightening

Author — Becoming Vincent


So they're using technology to micro manage people? That humanize company is scary

Author — C. B.


Me: "Doctor, I am suffering from a Wave of Automation Anxiety". Doctor: "I'm sorry. My program does not acknowledge that such a condition exists."

Author — LikeItDeep


Founders of Humanyse watch Black Mirror as a how-to guide

Author — aneil84


The ultimate ideal company, is one that has 1 person, the rich owner, with 1 button and the rest are robots. Don't forget that robots will produce and repair other robots.
So how is that creating more jobs???

Author — Daniele Kirylo


Overly optimistic. They don’t go into the actual facts of robotics replacing the vast amount of jobs and the repercussions that will follow.

Author — Jamo Hv


Jesus christ that Humanize company sounds like the precursor to thought police and pre-crime

Author — Frasereder236


those tracking badges should be illegal, no way will i wear one of them id be screwed lol

Author — cryptoslice


Robots: i will take your job by 2040.
Corona: am i a joke to you?? i took your job in 2020 !

Author — Fayaz Faizal


Driverless cars will cause by far the biggest disruption.

Author — Mr Nep


One has to wonder about the mission statement of Humanize..

Humanize: "Relentlessly burning the 'human' out of the human."

or maybe

Humanize: "Using science and data to bring the 'human' closer to the robot."

or perhaps

Humanize: "Using information and data to robotize the human for maximum efficiency and profit."

Author — Garol Stipock


Companies are shooting themselves in the foot, automating jobs. It will legit force Basic Income, or some sort of "Socialist" system. Who's gonna buy their products? Robots? Funny.

Author — Kris Carlson


Yes! Being a professional bum is safe.

Author — potatomato :p


50k in a 3rd world country is more then enough to live travel and enjoy life

Author — Mike Arredondo


Hipsters travel for a few years 'discovering' themselves. Guess where they are heading back to? Yep that tiny cubicle in Manhattan.

Author — V12ish


We humans will be outdated once the robots learn enough. What happens to older people that are not technically inclined?

Author — Leslie Warren


We need to eliminate nations. Let everyone live and work where they want.

Author — Phil Marsh