Men's 10000m Final | IAAF World Championships London 2017

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Watch as Mo Farah delights the home crowd to win the Men's 10000m Final at the 2017 World Championships in London!
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I was there that night and the noise was unbelievable with the whole crowd on their feet cheering for Mo, I thought the whole stadium was going to lift off, it was incredible and still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck watching it now! No matter what the other competitors tried Mo was not going to let them past

Author — reinmansmith


Brings back great memories. I was there, the crowds were electric and the race was unforgettable.

Author — TheSilentRoar


Came back from being tripped, what a hero!! Respect, Mo ✊🏼

Author — Hugo Tse


16:45 - one of the best camera shots I've ever seen in sport. Awesome. I was lucky enough to be in the middle of the field watching this live in person!

Author — D Skelton


I've watched this race countless times but can never grow tired of it. Can't wait for Mo vs Joshua next year or whenever the Olympics will happen

Author — Luwaga Emmanuel


Really unforgettable run huge respect..from my side ... His determination next level.. great to see this miracle once again congrats the champion.... Your lives in millions hearts..😍

Author — Srikanth Yadav


This is how champions finish hard and strong like a thoroughbred. Big up's to these brothers.

Author — Darnell Walker


When I was watching the leader who set at a high pace,
Mo Farah did the gesture.
6:37 6:37 6:37
16:43 16:43 16:43
I had a feeling that Farah told us "look at me!!!!"
He is the genuine artist

Author — C.S.


the real champion of this final is the 20 years old Cheptchogei. Apart from his age, he dominated the start and the finish. 100% focused, a very good running technique, he showed an aggressive strategy and high stamina. This guy has great future if he keeps improving.

Author — wajdi slama


What a hero to your family and rock the world 🌎 with love and victory that is really blessing

Author — Meles Hailemariam


Thank you for sharing this, indeed. What a tough race.

Author — Denis Semenov


Cheptegei's running form is a work of art.

Author — Laurent Jade


I don't know how he did it. He maintained in the front, and still won. Talent on blast.

Author — It is Javi


I am still practicing hard to run 10k below one hour. These champions only need less than 30 min to run the 10k

Author — Chee Hoe, Foo


Wow, amazing... Mo has such control of his running.

Author — Wendell Apache


This video is a perfect demonstration what a 10k race, stadium reaction and TV commentators should be!

Author — Ricardo Gomes Pedro


I love hearing the comments about people who are working hard to get this time in a 5k or running a 10k in sub-hour, or sub 40. Keep going guys! It's worth it in the end.

Author — Batteries


Problem with including the tactic of tripping Mo on the last lap is that you have to assign it to a runner who is not only persistent but can ALSO keep up with Mo's ending speed.

Author — The Road Scholar


Winning gold in front of the home fans....every athlete's all-time dream :D woohoo Mo!

Author — Justin Yu


I love how scared they were of Mo whenever they looked behind them😂

Author — Jason Hart