Snowden: Democracy Under Surveillance

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Snowden: Democracy Under Surveillance 4.5

Interview between Col. Lawrence Wilkerson of William & Mary and political dissident Edward Snowden.

Taped live on 4/18/2017 at William & Mary. Special thanks to the William & Mary Media Council.


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When you have a government that watches you 24 hours a day . . .
"How can you say you have freedom?!"

Author — Uncle Duke


Mister Snowden did what the police always asks to any law abiding citizen "If you have any information on a crime, please come forward"...and that's what he did...

Author — MrMagnusFogg


Edward Snowden: such an eloquent speaker. Such bravery in a world full of immorality is a sight to behold. Thank you for your sacrifice. 👏🏻🙏🏻❤️

Author — Sheba Sheiybani


I thank Snowden and Assange for shining light on our governments use of its power, we the people, have provided them.

Author — Roberta Morris


Everyone watching this video is probably being put on the nsa watch list.

Author — HPPAV2003


This is freakin Inspirational. He brings our current problem into context, for sure!

Author — Janet Skene


I love that closing statement: Don't just believe in something. Stand for something.
Snowden is a patriot. My the Lord bless and watch over him and his family.

Author — Sean Durham


"Don't (just) believe in something; stand for something."

Author — David Kimball


True story. My mom use to work for the FBI field office in Homestead Florida as a dispatcher for field agents back in the 80's. Around 2005 I believe, she would tell me and my two sisters when we younger about how the government agencies kept tabs on people, she would always tell us about how the contractors that rode around in Bell South vans climbing power poles to fix phone lines were doing waay more than just that. She also told us about Bluffdale Utah as well but explained it in a nore elaborate way, which in my younger years I was thinking that it sounded absolutely insane but after I joined the Air force and did my little bit of time in the service, it confirmed literally everything she was telling me back when I was only a kid. Im 26 now. And can galdy say that my mom helped get the gears turning in my head to wake me up to be able to peel back the layers of what we were all told to believe as kids.

Author — DJ M.I.A.


"Learn to think critically. That which can be asserted without evidence must be dismissed without evidence."

Author — Ryan Patridge


Mr Snowden is a true hero. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do

Author — Dinner with Franklin


"The Law is no substitute for consciences." Edward, you have my respect.

Author — Azaad Ansari


wow, this guy can talk, good luck mr Snowden i'm rooting for you

Author — h idden6ix


thank you for this.
i love learning from Snowden.
the dude is a real hero.

Author — Ebrahim


"He's the hero the U.S. deserves...but not the one it wants"

Author — timboslice


Keep this in mind always: Three men...Besos, Gates and Buffett, are financially wealthier than the sum wealth of 1/2 the total population of the U.S., from what I just read. This is a simple example of what is a worldwide situation.

The so-called "elite." Beware of the extremely wealthy. For the most part, they are interested in their own bottom line. We are nothing to them, except as a source of income. They will take our last penny, and still not be satisfied. And this 4th Reich is leading us towards worldwide disaster. Just look at the instability around the world - wars and protests; upheavals and poverty creating massive numbers of "have-nots." When this imbalance grows severe enough, wars become reality. Who controls the military-industrial complex? The elites. All wars are bankers' wars. Who controls the banks? See where this is going?

Bilderberg, Rothschild, etc. Your security and happiness are not their concerns. Money, power, have none: they have it all, yet want even more than all.


Author — RJB


i am happy a lot of americans are finaly waking up and thank you mr snowden for helping that happen. god bless you.

Author — Cole Urquhart


A brilliant man, combining insights and eloquence seamlessly. We need more heroes. Bravo!!

Author — Rick Kolesar


Uphold your oath to the Constitution of the United States! Mr. Snowden is a Patriot and hopefully history will remember him as such.

Author — Robert Dug


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Author — Smartflex denture soulutions