Range Rover Sport Review: Mud and Track | Top Gear | Series 20 | BBC

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Range Rover Sport Review: Mud and Track | Top Gear | Series 20 | BBC 5
Richard takes the new Range Rover Sport out for a test drive - which includes a lot of mud, water and some very steep hills. It's then up to The Stig to test out the 'sport' part of the Range Rover's name.

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95% of these will never see off road or a track

Автор — techstyle123


All that off-roading capability, and all that handling....and you just know most of them will be bought as urban fashion accessories by people who will never utilise either. Shame.

Автор — soundseeker63


Stop video at 3:54 and look in the drivers mirror. What can you see?

Автор — MC


There is no car on the market which offers that level of luxury with that level of off road ability. Before anyone says jeep...that is not in the same league of luxury, sure its capable but not as luxury

Автор — Admiral_Awesome


"I feel like I'm driving a luxury hotel room through a swamp."

Автор — Logan N


Firing Jeremy was the single worst decision BBC could've ever made.

Автор — QRO Connor


is this luxury car with offroad abilities? or is it offroad car with luxuries?

Автор — Rami7605


Best car show ever. All the others are frauds

Автор — Anderson A.


The fact that Hamster did that massive climb in an RR with street tires shows off Land Rover's offroad prowess. "We're so confident our vehicles are perfect for offroading, pop the tires off your wife's Toyota Camry and onto your Range Rover, and you can still climb a near-vertical hill with it."

Автор — Acura TL GTLM


Europeans have the Range Rover and us Americans have...Hummer.
*throws mouse on the floor and slowly lowers head onto desk

Автор — Jamesin120FPS


This is my DREAM SUV! I'd love to take it to the track and offroad!

Автор — 650ib


Halo Reach music slightly altered. Nice touch.

Автор — soufang


This may be a crazy statement but... i believe the Range Rover Sport Autobiography is the best car on the planet. You can drive your kids to school, to work (in comfort), it sounds sexy as hell, performance of a sports car, and the car looks amazing. oh, and its the most proper off-roading suv along with the G63 AMG and toyota land cruiser. the G wagon is really cool but i get 7 mpg and the ride and handling is terrible. Range Rover Sport is a proper SUV

Автор — KevinYao


Just start worrying when you feel the water coming in lol

Автор — TROLL


I miss my Rover Sport they truly are something else

Автор — Hugo Avalos


I gotta say, that made it look really good.

Автор — Afa


are they going to sell this as a used car after? lool

Автор — NumisVidz


That was absolutely amazing. I was astounded by it's performance in both the terrain and the circuit. Richard Hammond's reaction to the Stig's hahahah. Whoever he is, he's bloody fearless.

Автор — Omar Smith


0:06 "Prices starting at £ 50, 000.00" Anno 2019, the base price of a Sport is £ 64.000, 00. I can't believe you see so many of these cars on the road. But then again car loans are at an all time high.

Автор — Land Cruiser


Too bad I'm poor...   I think I'll stick with my 1995 lexus es 300 -_-

Автор — Reegareth