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Canada Over the Edge Season1 11of13 Newfoundland West HDTV x264 720p AC3 MVGroup org 5

Great Video of Western Newfoundland ... Smithsonian Channel

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I also am a Newfoundlander living away from home and it was just wonderful to watch this series of videos of my home province of Newfoundland.

Author — Orville Harris


All I can write is impressive. So glad they made this series. Thank you.

Author — Kathleen Andrews


،Amazing and so beautiful New foundland
Love this
I wish visit to Newfoundland

Author — Fereshteh Amini


It means so much more when you live away. Enjoyed it, thanks!

Author — O'Della Harris


Maybe it's time they re-introduced the wolf, and this time don't kill them all

Author — Thom Vogan


I was there last month, cant put it in words how beautiful Newfoundland is, especially Gros Morne National park

Author — Travelin Ventures


Can you tell where can i download rest of the episodes?

Author — Dev Chauhan


Impressive and majestic! I want to go and explore NL right now. Canada is beautiful =)

Author — Rodríguez


Great share, my friend. Good day.🎪🌄🏯💈🎢🌃🏭🏬🎡🎠⛺🏫🏪🌌♨🗾🏩🗽🌉215

Author — 無奇不有Unusual


great documentary i cant wait to visit

Author — Cali Callaghan


I just happen to be scrolling thru and what do you know home province.It's a stunning and a very beautiful place to live, hunt and visit.I'm really impressed by the beauty of the rugged coastline, mountains and deep valleys. I soon shall go back and visit my province once again and this time walk the beach, tour in the parks as well as hike the mountain paths.Thank you so much for bringing back so many memories of Port au Port area.

Author — Rudy Simmonds


I don't believe in reincarnation.. but if I did, I would wish to return as an eagle just to drift over Newfoundland as your drones did in filming this incredibly beautiful place. I'm returning for a second trip in 30 days, and cannot wait. Thanks for posting this.

Author — Richard Mourdock


look at the natural gifts the world gives us in such abundance its a shame we're divided by haves and haves nots

Author — TehutiBrim 59


I like it very much but the video could have legends with the names of the places...

Author — veronice neves


How come they never went up the tip of NL & showed the Viking site?

Author — 1958newboy


hope to go to Newfoundland, very enjoy able 2020 ???

Author — Yvonne T


I had to laugh that they skipped over port aux basques the entry of the island basically with stunning views and goes right to sville lolol

Author — Sky Mckay


Beautiful photography. Needs a better writer. Repetitive and shallow commentary. Also noticed several inaccuracies.

Author — Elizabeth Neily


I'm 30 minutes in, so impressed by the magnificent scenery of the one province in our country I have yet to visit. With these world class vistas, the excellent music, visuals and commentary there was the opportunity here to create an international award winning video. Instead we find an amateurish editing job that jerked the viewers abrutly from here to there and back again, re-inserting the same footage into different segments, as if there is not enough original, unique beauty to put into this video without having to repeat anything. Shame on the editor and producers who show shoddy, unacceptable production standards that considerably degrade the quality of ths Canada Over the Edge segment. I only hope the other shows in this series don't suffer from the same "typically Canadian" poor production values but as this appears to be the eleventh out of 13 shows I won't hold my breath.

Author — Mike


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Author — Aquarius Savior