How to Play EVERY Bot Lane Matchup in Season 12!

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so a melee adc with a melee support is two abondend children in the botlane

Author — PLT Eltronix


I think the main issue being regarded with the first point is that most people have been put into the mindset of "Get Level 2 first at all costs before the opponents" and so they take these unnecessary risks for a spike that might not even work

Author — Volter43


The level 3 rule doesn't really apply for most melee supports, it's mostly an Alistar thing. Naut and Blitzcrank are extremely dangerous level 1, Pyke/Thresh can get some really favourable trades even before level 2 if they hit a hook, Leona usually wants to engage level 2 and Rell engages level 1 or 2 depending on enemy positioning/matchup.

Even with Alistar you can engage level 2 if the enemy doesn't back off quickly enough and you haven't lost too much health.

Author — Sam Cresswell


Engage supports: let wave push and should preserve health for an all in at lv3

Ranged supports: push wave and poke providing vision

Bard: why not both?

Author — Nat DaOne


Actually love the commentary, has the perfect tone
Support: Me big mummy, me stro... *proceeds to die*
ADC: I need this caster minion or i lose la.... *proceeds to die*

Author — Brandon Eaton


5:27 there is absolutely nothing wrong with this "awful engage" if Samira held her passive Lulu would've been knocked towards their turret and Samira could've then used her passive to kill her. :)

Author — Rom3


if the ADC is like a parent caring for his child, then the support is like a son sending all his money to his old pop to make it out of the hospital in time for the team-fights 😂

Author — truedani


It should be:
1: Melee engage supports
2: Range supports
3: Bard.

Author — NotDarks


Okay, I will comment this: if u you know that sup is autofilled and want to avoid interaction with the enemy, just perma push and stay back until next wave, like sivir. This also allows the sup to roam, this can be done by some adcs, like ez, sivir, varus. You might want to do that with melee sups if you keep losing 2v2s.

Author — Jahangir Rozmetov


Alright so summary:

Two types of support: Range, Melee

1. Stay healthy: Let opponent push and farm under tower to level 3 (don't take caster if lose health, don't take melee if lose too much health too) or push to get minion advantage when you have better wave clear champ
2. Set up easy-to-engage wave: Thin the wave and let it push or push it to the middle so that the melee support can engage and not lose too much health

1. Get minion advantage: Push to get minion advantage for range support to poke safely
2. Take parallel trades: Position so that you and your support can both attack an opponent, if support is not forward with you play back with them until the opportunity to parallel trade comes up
Notes: Remember to ward deeper when pushed into the opponent side

Author — Michael Nguyen


The triangle thing is annoying when the adc dont understands it...
I had an adc flaming for not attacking the enemy adc, while i was way t far away from both, because he overextended

Author — Alry FireBlade


I'm a silver player and surely can't understand everything, but it's kinda confusing when in one episode you talking about cheater recalls or lvl 2 engages, and in another advice is to let the wave push and try to get lvl3

Author — Isty


"It hurts to let go a minion."


Author — Venus Momo


5:48 took me a while to realize the wrong botlane was shown XD but this vid was a real eye opener, thx!

Author — GreenScheme Gummi


This is actually funnier to watch on Mother’s Day LMFAO. “Raised her Pyke to be a strong man.” I felt that cheek pinch 💀

Author — Fleuraphine


Love the commentary!! Well done and great guide :D <3

Author — RonnieKoomba


Thank you so much for the video Ezreal ♥️🏆!
01:16 - Start of Video
01:59 - Melee Engage Supports (Goal: Preserve HP + Set up the Wave in the Middle of the Lane)
03:25 - Bad Example (Plat Elo) - Mistakes Support: (Engaging lvl 1, getting poked too much), ADC: (not letting wave get pushed into tower)
05:45 - Good Example v1 (Master Elo) : Let enemy laner push and crash the first 4 waves while farming safely (preserve HP), 07:00 - 5th wave (lvl 3) all in
08:55 - Good Example v2 (when you have better wave clear) - Push and crash first 3-4 waves, afterwards let wave bounce back to default position and fight lvl 3.
10:05 - Ranged Support Goal: Build Minion Advantage
11:27 - Bad Example (ADC: NOT hitting the wave)
12:48 - Good Example
14:00 - Correct Ward Positioning
14:48 - Parallel Trading Technique
15:07 - Bad Example (Plat Elo) - ADC and SUPPORT NOT staying Parallel to each other (ADC too forward, Support too backward)
16:19 - Good Example (Chall Elo)

Author — Watch Me Play It


5:27 Samira also stopped the alistar push back into the tower with her passive lmao XD

Author — Br8kz


this was sooo useful, what a well detailed guide nicee

Author — Chilling Heaven


As a jhin lover, thank u for teaching me how to be able to play adc in dimand. I wasn t able to get Out of top and jung. Love u

Author — Sukru Mert Yalcin