Outlaw History of Pro Skater Jason Dill - Epicly Later'd - VICE

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Outlaw History of Pro Skater Jason Dill - Epicly Later'd - VICE 5

Interview with skateboarder Jason Dill: "My mother, how she let me do this I do not know!" Absolutely classic footage of freaking crazy good so-cal skate heros including Jason Dill and Gino Ianucci. For more skateboarding action, check out VICE's Epicly Later'd:

Jason Dill breaks down the differences between skating in LA and NYC.

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"Why 36 boards?" "If i stole 36 boards I could ay my rent... and get an ounce of pot."

Author — Joseph Smith


Goin' to SF all the time, smoking cocaine blunts... Just being nutty.

Author — Bob Dole


The blood on the wall ain't from his teeth it's from the heroin that fool be doing

Author — checckyoself


'look at these marks...LOOK AT THESE MARKS' lol

Author — Dustin Keiser


Moral of the story; if you're a pro skater, start your own company ASAP.

Author — igloo productions


LOL that kids reaction is absolutely priceless : )

Author — PleasantGuitar


being young and thinking that blood was really from his mouth, then getting older and realizing everything

Author — MIKE-E


That little blonde kid sounds like a grown man!

Author — aaron i


i loved when he walked down the steps. that made that gap so much more insane

Author — simplecircuit


EPICLY LATER'D: OCEAN HOWELL!! I wanna see the double impossible!!

Author — staphinfection


"Then I can pay my rent...and buy an ounce of pot" 

Author — Dild0s 4Afrika


Legend has it he still doesn't believe what he just saw.

Author — Back to the Board


Heck you mean outlaw all he did breaking the law was steal boards from his friends and employers

Author — Neo Anderson


Still looking for his dvs model those futuristic looking leather ones!



The Vita Dill model shoe to this day is one of my all time favorite shoes ever. Saw Dill once just at a DEmo in Roseville Michigan, he was on the phone by the fence and I just retardedly yelled "Dill!! Fuck--in awe---som-e!" lol

Author — Nova Green


Wasn't he the guy who was friends with JACK? Ozzy's son?

Author — Jimmy C


I love ya Jason. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for skateboarding. I am a 41 year old terrible skateboarder, but when I watch your old footage it makes me go outside & try to get better.

Author — Ben Tolleson


Cool interview and history lesson. I've still got the answering machine tape from the apt.in Huntington with Natas calling and asking for Gino for the first time. It was Gino, Keenan, Liversedge, and myself living in a one bedroom with no electricity smoking dope and skating.For the record Dill never inhaled .

Author — jortizrx jortizrx


3:26 Had me crackin up 😂I feel like that all the time.

Author — Jeff Does Stuff


I love jason lee's style and he keeps it old school with the heavy decks. It looks natural, thats my favorite part.

Author — jeremiah _