How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You're Broke AF)

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How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You're Broke AF) 5

How To Afford to a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You're Broke AF).

There are some tricks and hacks you need to know in order to get you living your dream life.'s not out of reach. Living full time on the road as a digital nomad is MORE than possible for everyone. Don't shy away from this life. It's not reserved for celebrities or rich people.

I've been traveling for over 12 years now with my own money using the methods outlined in the video.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know what your favourite insight from this video is.

Sorelle Amore

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💬 Comments on the video

Step 1: don't be from a third world country, everywhere you want to travel will require you to apply for a VISA

Author — Mehdi A


I'm not trying to be negative, but I'm not sure what's your definition of "broke af".

Author — Rob Der Meister


"Broke" is when you've got to choose being paying for your electricity bill or a having a hot meal that night, none of what she said is viable for an actually broke person...

Author — Owen Vyravene


"Here's how a normal person can travel all the time!!!"
*become a model
*become an actress
*start an independent company and sell products online

Yeah that's pretty easily manageable and realistic. Lol

Author — Araina


I don't tend to comment negatively. Either I have something nice to say or I don't say anything at all. But I need to say something here. I'm just so fed up with all these "travel with no money" videos. You all speak from a place of privilege. Everything you say applies to first world countries/citizens only as if they are the only ones watching or wanting to travel. You all keep repeating the same formula: wwoofing, work&travel, volunteering, pick up jobs along the way, cheap flights, stay in hostels, etc. For years, nobody has added anything new to this list. So why you all keep continue making these videos, repeating what hundreds before you have said, I've no idea.
Also, as many mentioned, I find the way how you all keep using "broke" offensive to those people who actually are broke.
And how the job opportunities you mention basically only apply to people.
And I speak from a position of privilege as well. I am not broke because I have a job that covers my bills just so, happy I'm not adding to my existing debt. I have the best passport you can have and usually don't have to pay for visa applications. I live in a place with social security, good healthcare and access to cheap flights. And I still can't afford to travel. I can only imagine how videos like these must feel like a slap to the face to people who don't enjoy the privileges I do, much less yourself.
It all comes down to this: You were lucky. You had a safety net to fall back on and money to start your life of travel or at least knew someone who could advance you the money (I couldn't prepay $6000 for anything now, let alone when I was 18). Sorry for this rant. I'm just so sick of all this appropriation culture and clickbait titles.

Author — Flipflop Poet


I was gonna roast this video but everyone already did.. 🙊
*casual modelling and acting 😂*

Author — Amyable_ Lady


How to travel if your broke af... "don't be broke"

Author — James M


Yea, this doesn't work if all your money goes to bills...

Author — Jessica Horne


People always talk about how easy it is to just start “being an influencer.” Genuinely though, that only works if you’re conventionally attractive. It’s not realistic for people who are average looking.

Author — Amy G


Another reason is that you live in a high salary country! In Asia, the minimum paycheck is just sad af. Very hard to achieve.

Author — Glo Chat


When you’re african so none of these applies 💀

Author — African Chai


I don't think we have the same idea of what "broke af" means... Going to a hairdresser is a luxury in my world and not really something you can "save money" on skipping :p I cut my own hair if needed. And not everyone have jobs.

Author — Prechepka


"Flights are incredibly cheap" riiiigghhht

Author — Sarah Villian


aww hun thats very nice but its a different story for 3rd world countries

Author — Alexandra Tejeda


8 minutes later - and she still hasn't explained how to Travel when you're Broke !! Am I missing something here?

Author — Cosmos


“Flights are incredibly cheap” hahahahaha

Author — Shea Parker


human, please don't take this video serious, just another sponsorship video 🤦‍♀️

Author — WY B


this video is offensive to us people who are actually broke

Author — Woodstock Cat


This looks so overwhelmed. I think she is more in making videos than helping people about travel.
And I couldn't catch any idea about how to travel without money, I mean, other than; put ad here, meet Angelina Jolie, ad here and ad there and cut video, speak so fast and excited, bla bla, likescribe or sublike or like in peace, rests in like...

Author — msinanc


I'm redefining "broke af" as having a steady supply of ready cash.

Author — xeepromx