How to Use Kik Messenger

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How to Use Kik Messenger 4.5
Want to use Kik messenger? This simple tutorial will get you started with downloading Kik and walk you through getting started.

Kik is a popular messaging app and a great alternative to Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

You can download Kik here.

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Author — Howfinity


How do u use quick chat...
My new acc cant see the option

Author — meme meme


It was already dead when that geeking (roleplay) bot was removed
Has a lot of spicy teenage memories with this app lmao

Author — Cash Money


Does it automatically sync to like Facebook or Twitter?

Author — Juan Lopez


This is literally JUST like snapchat!!!

Author — genesee karmaou


How to resolve the error thar bug all the videos os peoples send me? I cant see or download the videos :(

Author — Biel o Carneiro


No good to me absolutely useless I tried to join groups on this sites and they want verification and for me to contact admin but I don't know how to do this I was hoping this video will explain that

Author — Dave Evans


Wtf is this app 5 gigs tho. I always wondered why

Author — Vented ,


Does anyone know how to get the quick chat?

Author — Isn't_it_delicate Xoxo


When I try to text some people it just says S on my text and not D, why does it do that?

Author — Baby Yoda


I hav one doubt, can this video call to be record r not

Author — Kathir Adk


This video is 5 years late man! Very few people use Kik nowadays.

Author — Amateur Professional


My account is over 1, 300 days. How do I use quick chat 😂like how old does my account need to be? I can't find the option

Author — Rare


Hi, when I send msg to a friend on KIK I got this notification" Oops, it looks like ****'s phone has been off/disconnected for a while. We'll deliver your message when they connect again"...but my massage is actually delivered..(I can see D sign there)...Can someone help me there what is wrong here??

Author — John Bender


Kik:erickaperez. when you done comment done

Author — Ericka Perez80


This informative instruction video was easy to understand and simple to the touch! Bravo.

Author — Fr4ctl _cm


Are u fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Just started a buffy group if people wanna join lol.
Hopefully have bit more life in this kik chat group 😊

Author — Lucien Massereene-James