The Truth About 5G

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The Truth About 5G 4.5


Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.


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Fun fact: When street lamps were introduced, people opposed them because they thought they would cause madness.
How times have('nt) changed.

Author — Kristoffer Johnsen


5g towers can be extremely deadly to humans. If it falls on your head, you will probably die.

Author — justinblin


That's the first time I've seen the EM spectrum with higher frequencies on the left. I suppose it doesn't matter, but it certainly didn't feel right

Author — Tim Kirwin


Love it! X tower climber though I was never taught the brains of thy storm...🤯

Author — Trapper Ewing


Lets grab some popcorn for the comments incoming.

Author — LP Pokefan


I remember reading about concerns with 5G interfering with weather forecasting. How founded are these concerns? I'm certainly no meteorologist, so I'd want to hear more about that.

Author — Scott Estrada


As much as i want 5g to be consumer ready as soon as possible, i still want a complete LTE coverage first before delving into the world pf insane data transfer speed, though i assune the complete coverage wont be as far as it seems as Starlink is coming soon

Author — Arif Faisal


I wish I had the sense to understand how this all works, it's simply as good as magic as he says.

Author — Jacob Curliss



Author — ッRad Shawn


“Its the golden age of information, and the golden age of ignorance, intelligence and blatant stupidity go hand in hand”

Author — Putin did nothing wrong.


@RealEngineering that was very informative! I know it was already a lot of information but I wish you could have squeezed in information about QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) just because of how cool it is to break up a wave into pieces to represent information

Author — Luke Osborn


i love how scientists are labeled insane...look at the definition of insanity...thats the last way a scientist shows to a knowledgable person who you are

Author — James Cole


In Germany, they had in a village announced that they'd put up new radio towers. They put up the towers but didn't switch them on for a while. Even while the towers were switched off, "electro-sensitive" people already complained and called to have them tore down because of the horrible effects they experienced.

Author — Hm Grraarrpffrzz


As a lizard person, I am offended by the suggestion that we are somehow responsible for 5g. Lizard People are responsible for LG.

Author — Me DotOrg


11:40 5G should not be placed well to the right of the microwave spot shown on the Electromagnetic Spectrum when its frequency is thousands of times higher than the Megahertz area and even ten times the frequency of common microwave ovens.

The fact that 5G is not ionizing radiation only indicates that it's not likely to cause cancer by some currently understood mechanisms, not solid proof that it is entirely harmless and can never cause any other harmful effects by other means. Cigarettes can cause cancer without ionizing radiation.

As an Electrical Engineer, I used to work with transmitters up to 960 MHz, and I can say from my own personal experience that RF radiation is not entirely harmless. I do not condone destruction of private property and I am not a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I merely feel that more studies of the effects of the ever increasing frequencies being used are necessary before declaring them 100% safe.

Author — Randy Stegemann


"2G era lasted to the 1st iPhone.."
1st iPhone was 2G, and 3G era started years before iPhones..

Author — Jonesy the Cat


Very good video with info made available to everyone. Nevertheless, you should always keep the door open for new infos we yet still have to discover in the field of these waves. We're still very far from having reached the end of physics.
My main concern are diseases like cancer. Cancer was a side show some 50 years ago, and today it is responsible for 30% of all death in the western civilization. What has changed to allow for such an increase in cancer death? I'm not saying it is electromagnetic waves, but am not ruling it out either. Many things remain to be discovered and until then, you will see both good and crazy theories popping up.

Author — Adrien Lucas


Some person:
Burns down cell tower. (3g, 4g, 5g who cares)
Accidentally lights themselves on fire in the process..
Rings for ambulance, What no signal WTF is going on?
See they know, they know!! They are blocking my calls!!!!

Author — Dave Webster


I'm sure it has no effects on melatonin production..

Author — William Merrow


Just pause on the first minute and rewind, listen in, and hear electro magnetic radiation

Author — Emanuel Morales