Trump's Lawyer 'Framed Himself' For Incriminating Tweets | The Daily Show

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Trump's Lawyer 'Framed Himself' For Incriminating Tweets | The Daily Show 5
Donald Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, signalling that he has valuable information about Trump's inner circle.

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Trump lied about a lie to cover up a lie, what a mastermind

Author — 唐智余


Now that the tax cuts have passed they don't need Trump anymore it's game over for him.

Author — Uno G


Trump is so dumb he will take a picture with the dead body and post it on twitter

Author — VIXZ777 MK99


if the volume was any'd be underground.

Author — Athanasios Matsolas


Trump's trap is about to spring. He's been playign the fool.. biding his time.. risking the national security of the country.... all to ensure he gets his final revenge.... Jared is finally gonna pay for stealing Daddy's little girl!

Author — New Message


Trump passed the tax cuts. Now they have no use for him. Sick, eh?

Author — Prof. Weed


I love how things are so ridiculous Trevor starts laughing at it (see Flynn the Former Obama Official part).

Author — Unruly Crow


I'm curious, who's the worse liar: Trumps lawyer or Paul Manafort?

Author — germanic lad


Where are all the denialist klansmen now!!?

Author — Napoleon Rabbit


“If he cant get you off he’ll frame himself for the crime” it is certainly like Watergate but then for morons. (John Oliver)

Author — D E


Hes gonna take a knee someone pls inform d nfl .. 45th is about to.... Yo Trevor that joke is caliente.

Author — duduoshunn


you just wait and see. He'll somehow stir up trouble elsewhere to distract people about this.

Author — Maria


Love u Trevor. I have been watching all of your Comedy Central videos on youtube over the past few months over and over again. you are just soo funny and intelligent. I wish I cud meet u in person. Someone of ur mental calibre oughta be very interesting lunch companion :)))

Author — Salim Ur Rahman


“He pleaded”, not “he pled”. That’s how you know Trump wrote the tweet. Can’t fix stupid!

Author — Ruirodtube


is that lawyer really doing that???? haahahha

Author — Raissa Ngarambe


Vlad and Vladimir are different names in Russia. Vlad is never used as a short for Vladimir

Author — Tasha Sadovskaya


This whole administration is crupt there still running the office unbelievable

Author — ka11am


The only person who can win an election, is the person who will literally do anything to win..

Author — Barry Irlandi


Has any one of you been to Alabama or Louisiana? Child molestation and insest is common place.
Roy Moore is one of their own!

Author — UFOhunter


Trevor, you need to cover the whole Net Neutrality debacle thingy going on. And let us europeans know if it'll affect us.

Author — TehFiishy