Trump voter's false claim surprises CNN reporter

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Invalid campaign token '7mSKfTYh8S4wP2GW'
Trump voter's false claim surprises CNN reporter 3.5
CNN's Ed Lavandera talks with President Trump's supporters in Florida ahead of his 2020 campaign kickoff.

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THIS is why America needs to focus on education. #MakeAmericaSmartAgain

Author — Frankie Says


The ignorance is don't think he's lied about ANYTHING?!? Oh the ignorance...

Author — JuggaloSupreme


You think trump is working FOR FREE!? 😂😂😂 I understand why trump said he loves the uneducated!

Author — 1984isnow


Very low inflation? Has he gone grocery shopping.

Author — Jorge Ramos


I live near and work at the villages and let me tell you something these old folks are drunk as hell and racist as you can get

Author — Alex L


What happens when you take a joke too far?
The 45th president of United States of America.

Author — Ann van de Kew


Those crocodiles I hear so much about need to step it up, Florida is a mistake.

Author — Bacongeneral


For Free??? Are you totally nuts? He said he would not take a salary....About $90, 000 at most! How much has he made by holding all functions at his facilities....billions!
So, no he is not working for free! Let’s get smart sooner than later!

Author — Lynda Mitton


I'm sure these idiots will be happy once Trump takes away their healthcare.

Author — Proud Californian


Can't fix stupid. This very sad era in America will soon be over. His legacy will unfortunately haunt America for decades. Your grandchildren will suffer from this " greatness".

Author — Carlo Jones


Puerto ricans dont forget the paper towels trump throw to you when u vote

Author — Jay Rayton


This village certainly has more than one idiot!🤪🤪🤪

Author — cfvrq


If walls could be built around all the trailer parks, the IQ level in this country would rise exponentially.

Author — Dang Shame


I'm very happy all of these weirdos have their own little village. Please stay there.

Author — Andrew K


I'm 65, it amazing that people my age are this damned stupid.

Author — Eric Lewis


In order to be a conman he needs people to con and he found them right where I expected for them to be. 2020 is more important than I think most know but even with a new president and her or Bernie turning this shipwreck around, how long will it take to fix this? I'm very worried that the damage caused will take many terms to fix. God I hope I am wrong.

Author — Proud Liberal Dad


"You need to tell me what he has lied about?" I guess they only listen to Fox News.

Author — Bella B


I love him coz he's sarcastic and I'm the same guy wears slip on shoes because laces are too

Author — english steve


And this is why Republicans LOVE the uneducated voter.

Author — Gambit2483


Like lemmings, they follow the pide pipper over the cliff

Author — hikurukutai