Profiles in Tremendousness - Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show

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Profiles in Tremendousness - Senior Adviser Stephen Miller: The Daily Show 5

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller defends President Trump's false claims of voter fraud in a series of irate TV news appearances.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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31 with a hairline so far back its protesting MLK

Author — Random Google User


Stephen Miller~ "Will not be questioned"
Americans, do your country a service and question everything this administration is doing.

Author — Alternative Lies


Steven Miller is dead on the inside!!!! LOOK AT HIS DEAD-FISH EYES!!!!

Author — Marcello S


"... will not be questioned" is the motto of every totalitarian dictatorship in history.

Author — Joachim Schoder


I had no clue Trump even had a speech writer, maybe he should fire that guy.

Author — CometX-ing


Miller has to be one of the creepiest people I've ever seen!!!

Author — Cal Gal


" The President will not be Questioned!!" Trump Administration is sure trying hard to take all right away from us the people. It sure sounds like they want to run it as a Dictatorship.

Author — J Me


Well Trump did as he promised. He drained the swamp. He drained all the suited-qualified people and replaced them with morons.

Author — Alex Ben


That guy is 31, if you work for trump you decay at a Benjamin button ratio

Author — Peetar Ster


he will be perfect for the movie "Psycho" LoL

Author — Fazlay Rabbi


Steve Miller reminds me of the creepy guy in high-school who you & your girlfriends suspect is hiding roofies in his pants pocket.

Author — kalaya01


i love trevor noahs trump voice. whenever i read a trump quote now, i imagine that voice. it helps me cope

Author — Emily K


So sad that this administration thinks proof is just saying the same thing louder and more insistently.

Author — Orville B Jenkins


If there's ever gonna be a Simpsons live action movie, please cast this Miller guy as Mr.burns!!

Author — Seventeen Sixty-Nine


He looks like he can play a young Putin in a movie. Plus he acts like a dictator and talks like he's drunk.

Author — Pat's mom


I feel bad for those who went to high school with him.

Author — clipobserver


I'm more afraid of what's coming our way out of Washington than I am of anything North Korea can deliver.

Author — Tony Tune


one good thing about this circus and this joke of an administration is it made everyday Americans tune in and take notice of how broken and corrupt our political system is because pay for play, etc has been going on forever but never in such a brazen in-your-face way, and even those corrupt politicians have never taken it this far to this extent. the patriot act went after our rights, along w many other bills, but we've never had to defend our constitutional rights like this before see how he attacks a free press, and religious long can this farce go on? how long do you think trump'll last? people are taking bets on it! LOL! he's such an embarrassment.. sad that America has sunk so low.. I'm just glad that people who never paid attention to politics before are, i just hope they don't swallow the propaganda I hope they do their research and vote.. the midterm elections are next folks.. write to your congressman if you want..I just hope the people aren't getting woke too late.. and I hope after all this division that we don't tear ourselves apart bickering about petty differences or wasting misplaced anger on each other while the powerful laugh all the way to the bank..

Author — bettiepagebombshell


This guy is 31? I'm 30 and he looks at least 15 years older than me.

Author — I am Someone A Lot


This would be hysterical if it wasn't for real....

Author — Robert Grantham