AoAK HD: Mongols on Plains

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Playing the first games on the new expansion African Kingdoms !

Testing the new Special Maps.

This time I play with Mongols, trying a standar fast flush to slow all enemies as much as I can while I wait for some support on my base. On castle age I lost a bit of base control so I had to expand a bit all over the map.

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Viendo la partida se me ocurre una pregunta ¿Vale la pena comprar el hd? Mucha gente me ha dicho que el lag es terrible, además de que es bien difícil jugar a veces por aquello de que no hay muchos jugadores, especialmente en las expansiones.

Author — Profe Stringer


Hi TaToH! Just found out your channel and subbed! Great videos! Now I have more awesome content to watch thanks!
Also, what remix is that last song can you tell me please? LaLaLa by naughty boy?

Author — AinaweeUAE


Un consejo para Dominar mejor el teclado al jugar?

Author — SOY NOOB