Shadowfang Keep Vanilla Dungeon Review - Warcraft Space and Story #13

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Warcraft: Space and Story is a series about lore, game design and the art of telling stories. In each episode we go through an interesting place in the World of Warcraft and talk about the stories we get to be a part of and what the games does to keep us moving through these stories.

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism I'd love to hear it as well as any suggestions for future places to look at.

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It was nice to see a new one of these in my subscriptions! I'm always eager to watch more of this series.
Another great video, exploring a long time favourite dungeon of mine. Insightful as always.

I'm assuming your goal at the moment is to progress through all the vanilla dungeons, just curious, after that would you be moving through the expansions? If youre not too tired of wow after that lol.

Author — Sjoll


Shadowfang keep has always been my favorite dungeon. My only wish is that they left Pyrewood and the Keep still controled by the worgen and humans instead of undead. I like the fact that they continued the story of the keep "The new evil crept in" and so on. I just miss my worgen dungeon. I wish they would let us still go inside old dungeons. Maybe without loot but we could still go there via some npc like the scenarios or lfr legacy raids.

Author — Almaric von Carstein


This series requires a lot more publicity. Great narration and really highlights the huge amount of effort to craft the rich world of WoW. Awesome storytelling Shuppzy.

Author — Bluefin


Stumbled upon your channel and really enjoy your videos, especially these deep dives into dungeons. Please keep creating and I hope more people find you!

Author — near


Hey Shupz, it's Mutterscrawl from Scrolls of Lore, really liked the video, I'd never taken time to appreciate the natural lighting in the roofing there for that last fight, thanks for exploring that and the other details in the dungeon. I do wish Blizz would do more faction-split questgivers in dungeons, but sadly they've moved away from the factions :(

Author — Alkahest3


Loved it, please make more, perhaps for Deadmines or Scholomance or something!

Author — Nichlas Mortensen


Shuppzy! You're the man! Love all of your vids. Keep up the good work!

Author — lotrtl


Subscribed. If your channel keeps this quality you have a new viewer!

Author — alvaro lopez


I just smoked a bowl and now I'm going to watch ALL your space & story videos

Author — briantdt