Reviewing Sarah’s first pair of Nearly Black Wolford nylon tights in short dress and stilettos

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I've not seen Sarah for ages so it was amazing to have a little catch up!

Sarah doesn't do 'girly' that often so I've introduced her to Wolford Tights from my friend Andy and he's very kindly just bought her a pair of stilettos from my gift list :)

She can't wait to start making some custom videos with me and will be exclusive to this channel!!

Lucy xx

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very nice video on my favorite brand of tights. I love wearing tights every day and since I discovered the Wolford brand, I only wear Wolford tights, for their softness, their lightness, their comfort, which perfectly dresses the legs without compressing them. So happy to see that Wolford is also thinking of its male clientele by producing several of their classic products in size XL including the famous SATIN TOUCH 20, NEON 40 and PURE 15 - size XL is perfect for the modern man who today also wears Wolford tights



OMG Sarah is amazing! She has a beautiful figure and has knock out legs! More of her pleas!!

Author — Mr. Will


Sarah's VERY shapely legs have cast a spell on me, and I do NOT want the spell broken !
I am not sure that I can wait until this very beautiful video premieres in a few days !
I guess the old saying, "Good ( Great ! ) things come to those who wait." is what applies here,
so wait I will.

Author — AkiraLegs


Utterly fantastic! I've watched it 10 times already.

Author — Paul Lennon


Omg Lucy this is so exciting I can't wait to see Sarah revewing those stunning Wolford tights on her gorgeous legs I hope she loves them as much as you do..x❤️❤️😍😍🥰🥰

Author — brapman brap


Two beautiful girls, both with unbelievably perfect legs and feet!!! Thanks Lucy for introducing us to Sarah!!!

Author — Steven Liniak


Lucy another great video, bring back Sarah again she's lovely, you both are fabulous! 😘

Author — T Mck


I have not seen such two beautiful stunning women together before.
Both Sarah and yourself look amazing in this video I may say.
Please have Sarah as your co-anchor when reviewing high heel shoes in future videos.

Author — mcal3


Wolford nylons -- Might be worth checking them out.

Author — LaHayeSaint


I've always thought black is a classy look. They look fantastic

Author — Wayne Sims


Lucy this wonderful video was so much fun to watch see you both again. Thanks for sharing this with us that watch your channel. Outstanding job young lady.

Author — Edward Parkhurst


That was really wonderful and I thought you were going to garden in the rain, drink tea and show us Americans how to bake crumpets. That video got me over to the wish list. Keep up the wonderful channel it's quite entertaining. Cheers.

Author — Mike Cape


Very nice looking tights on both of u! ❤️

Author — Joseph Schauster


Two extraordinarily beautiful ladies, exuding confidence n style

Author — Gunner Midge


Both beautiful women, great video. I like the more tan color, but both pairs are nice. For some reason I've never liked black though, not sure why.

Author — MrJeffrey316


Thanks for wearing that dress Lucy 🥰😍😘

Author — Rodney Tolefree


Ladies. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Author — M. R. Sloane


What a pair of beautiful lady's!!! With GORGEOUS legs!!

Author — Richard Garcia


Absolutely beautiful legs!, Both ladies!, My heart was pounding!💓

Author — Drift3rKid


Would love to see who would win in a dangle competition! Lowest to floor wins

Author — Ron Brown