The Book of Enoch Complete

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The Book of Enoch Complete 4.5

This Ethiopic version of the Book of Enoch is deemed by scholars to be older by several centuries than the Slavonic one, and portions of that older version are in turn known to have been based on even older manuscripts, such as a lost Book of Noah. Fragments of the Enoch books were discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls. The astronomical-calendrical tale of Enoch thus goes back into great antiquity - perhaps, as the Bible asserts, to pre-Diluvial times. ~ Z.S.


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I was Muslim. Now I am Christian. I am glad God chosen me. I love you Jesus.

Author — Amina S


The Catholics didn't acknowledge it has it has too much truth in it and takes away from a man like the pope being above other humans...God is the almighty not the pope

Author — Mark Cooke


Do you guys ever notice that if you forget to pray for a day or something, than your days become more challenged and difficult. But when you pray to the Lord again, everything is so much easier as God is taking care of us.

Author — Tea Turtles


I love God. I pray for forgiveness for I have not been perfect but I serve a perfect God. Have mercy on us. I dont want any Eartly riches. I just want to reside in Heaven and pray my kids find their way to God.

Author — Jacqueline Wicker


Whether you believe this is the original book of Enoch or not when all is said and done both the book of Enoch And the book of Daniel agree that history will be brought to an end by the coming of the son of man.

Author — bud ekins


Theres a spiritual war going on right now and i think alot of us feel it. We need to pray for gods angels of protection over us all in the name of jesus christ, amen. Im 32 years old and far from a fanatic but i believe in our one and true god through the name of jesus christ. God bless all

Author — Mike Larry


Forgive me lord for I am a sinner but I ask you to forgive me so I repent 🙏🏽

Author — #WAR Boxing


Enoch preached everything that was to be written in the bible. The Roman Catholics denied the book of Enoch as they wanted control for themselves. The reason is if they did print it it would have added a undeniable proof that God and Jesus Christ was the absolute truth shutting down all other false religions.

Author — DJ-Wild-Child


I’m opening my eyes for the 1st time n my 37 yrs of living

Author — Jon Paul


this ties in perfectly with the book of Revelation I'm convinced it's canon and was rejected by the Vatican's and Jesuits because it told to much truth

Author — Eat_It Bitxhes


This book explains why there's so much evil in this world thank you for this book

Author — Christopher Timmis


I had a dream about 2 years ago, I was in heaven and looking over a Balcony and I saw 7 worlds. Like 7 universes... I'm. still seeking the understanding of that dream.

Author — paula Brown


Does anyone else get scared realizing how serious this is..

Author — Heavenly Kai


Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus will come like a thief in the night.

Author — Steven T


The truth is sweet to the wise. Bitter to fools

Author — Kingdom Klan


pray for me, i want to give my life to you jesus Amen.

Author — Eetu Harjula


I am loving the comment section. It's mostly humble people who want more wisdom and be closer to God :-)

Author — T-Zay


I praise God almighty for giving me a second chance to be alive after a stroke last year November which I spend 5months and 3weeks in the hospital
I'm still recovering but every day I ask FATHER GOD almighty to forgive me and send his holy spirit to guide me teach me every day . The years that I have left on this earth all I want is to make it to heaven and meet my Lord Jesus Christ.

Listening to this powerful word, gives me more hope and lift up my spirit
Thank you Jesus Christ Amen

Author — Queensandy Akukwe


I’ve been looking for something to fill in all the wholes I’ve read in the Bible my whole life and finally all these stories are it! Praise God I knew there was more

Author — patilabel07


" The Beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. " " The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. " In these times Man will have great knowledge and think of them selves as god's but are to be shown as fools at the day of judgment. This wasn't referencing the past but the future, were we are now. " what has happened will happen again " We must be vigilant our enemy the Devil knows scripture better than any man and uses it against us daily. " Study to show thy self approved "

Author — chaotic/Silence