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This video will take you to city tour within few minute which normally you will need not-less than two hours continue driving starting from Al amerat hill road to Muttrah through beautifull Darsait road then continue to Al Bustan through old Muscat to wadi Al kabir to CBD area Ruwi up-to Al Sahwa tower.

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My Second Home! I Miss Oman! My Childhood memories in a foreign yet wonderful nation!

Author — Abhilash Gregory


Good spent 32 minutes of my life which took me back to the 8 years I spent in this wonderful country, Oman. It was more of a home to me with Omanis, being the friendliest people I ever met, who gave relationship more weight-age over anything else. Thank you Al Buhriy for the video. :)

Author — Anand Mohan


I was therein Oman since 1990 till 2007...
Well maintained clean modern country, keeping all
its traditions and culture. Very nice people they are, having their great hospitality...

Author — REGI


I love you Oman and I miss u a lottt. ... someday and one day am gonna meet u my beautiful Oman...

Author — Rahila Khan


Love to visit Oman. A beautiful country in the Arab world with friendly people calm & quiet nature. Am a mechanical engineer currently in India. Love to work there

Author — Bafana Bafana


my conclusion after this watching this is that its taken on friday lol

Author — ItsGreat458 Italia


Dear Ethereal... Oman so beautiful country, there many fantastic places to visit and muscat so big with many many things to see... Oman is so hot in summer march to October but from Nov to end April Temp go down to 25... Your Welcome.

Author — Soud Al Buhriy - Oman.


Excellent video.

Felt I like I was there.

Author — Ethereal Heaven


I really miss you oman, my childhood country :(

Author — Muhammad Fawad


As soon as I complete my degree I'm definitely going to visit 😍

Author — TssSsshy


I am simply amazed.Not many have seen the transformation of Oman from 1971 when I first arrived to 1996 when I left, and to see it now is unbeleivable.This is all due to the greatest man I have ever known, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.His vision, generosity, planning, among other things are unmatched in the whole world.And it is there to see.Long live Sultan Qaboos.

Author — alison 1


This is awesome. Definitely going to do one in Muscat

Author — Mo Rasheed


Al Amerat Street Road...
It's Awesome In Night More Than A Day Light

Author — Hasnain Shaikh


Sadly missing Oman.. those fun filled, love packed romantic era that I spent can never be forgotten.. Today I am in India spending my retirement days but cannot forget those lovely days of Oman that I spent during 1981 to 1990 ..working as an Administrative Clerk in the Ministry of Health ...

Author — Jaffer Hussain


Mr.SOUD..--- Thanks for presenting a beautiful Oman in your video . I had been in OMAN for 37 years as a senior Pharmacist with my family. Really we all love Oman

Author — Arvind J.P. jain


I've Stayed there for 12 years. And I lived at sur.

Author — Moonlightx Demon


Thank you for such a beautiful video. It's simple nostalgia for me. I have visited Muscat a few times. I've seen most of what you've covered and loved it.



Great vid. Felt like I was riding too. Oman is beautiful. I want to go to Muscat so bad. My love lives there. Its nice to see what he sees every day. Im an ocean away and half of my heart is in Muscat with Qais. Thank you so much for this.

Author — Aliearia03 Pleiadian


Muscat is a wonderful city, and Oman is a really beautiful country very very clean, and this is something to be proud of it

Author — A H


Breathtaking. Thank you for uploading this.

Author — Jamil Pundoma