COLLAB - 'Hey Man, Nice Shot' (Mastodon, Stone Sour, In Flames, Royal Tusk, Dragged Under)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" is a smash single by the band Filter, originally released in 1995.This Playthrough is a collaboration featuring Royal Tusk's frontman Daniel Carriere, as well as several big names in the rock and metal scene: Bill Kelliher - Mastodon (guitar) Johnny Chow - Stone Sour (Bass)Tanner Wayne - In Flames (drums)Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce - Dragged Under (guitar). Performing under the pseudonym "Bracing For Impact" Mixed by Joey Bradford#Filter #RoyalTusk #Mastodon #StoneSour #InFlames #DraggedUnder

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Drummer went a bit off script, but damn if this song doesn't still tear faces off 25 years later. Well done

Author — iamwake


Great song, a near perfect cover. Dude on vocals killed it. 🤘

Author — Maniac_ 2084


As a big Filter fan back in the day, fun to hear/see this. Tough to hit those Richard Patrick screams and raspy growls but it was pretty good!

Author — Some Guy From Maine


So proud of my boy Fluff collaborating with one of his idols, Mr. Kelliher!

Author — Jeremoid


That is the darkest drum kit I've ever heard in my life! 👌
Daniel absolutely obliterates that chorus! 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Chris Escalera


It should be noted that Budd was completely innocent, even if his death made him a punchline.

Author — Kommissar


Unfuckinbelievable. Richard Patrick is sitting down somewhere quite happy and content right now. 🤘

Author — J Fo


I love Filter. I love this song. This version is so awesome. On so many levels. Fantastic work guys.

Author — Ruination


This has always been one of those songs, that when it's playing whether I catch it start, middle, or end(ish), I will always stop and listen to it. I have been back to this version quite a bit. Thanks for an awesome cover.

Author — barenjager66


So this is what Jesse Pinkman has been up to all this time.

Author — R


This is a really, really, really good version!!!! Keep up the collabs my doods!!!

Author — Cee Eee


Classic song with classic musicians. Couldn't be better

Author — K.D. Jones Rock Remixes


That pic of Budd Dwyer. This cover is sick.

Author — Chad 395


I had forgotten about the existence of this song and then this shows up in my youtube recommendations.

Knocked it out of the park lads. Brilliant.

Author — Paddy Outback


Wow, amazing cover by an amazing group of musicians.

Author — Desert Rain


It's great to see Fluff rocking out with all the other giants on here. Proud!

Author — Kasbash


You guys are freaking awesome cheers from a fellow Canadian

Author — lxrdbacon


Had this tab open for days, kept meaning to come back and hit play. Now I am pissed I didn't hit play sooner! Amazing job guys!

Author — Rob Ling


Amazing. Great version, vocals, guitar and bass in point, drummer killed it. But I loved the rhythm guitar players shirt. Fantastic

Author — Geoff spero


Sick cover, I love it! Veritable monsters of music, each and every one of you! And props to Bill's attitude, love that shirt and cap. Rock on!

Author — DeKai