ARMA: Red Hammer (Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer) Full campign

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ARMA: Red Hammer (Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer) Full campign 5
The story is about Soviet soldier Dmitri Lukin in the same timeframe as the Cold War Crisis campaign. A former Spetsnaz operative, Lukin somehow disgraced himself and was demoted to a mere grunt. Through the Red Hammer campaign Lukin progresses back up the ranks and finally regains his honour and standing, only to learn that the cause for which he is fighting is not as legitimate as he had thought...

This video was created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
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"You will not know fear, you will not know pain. You will taste man flesh!" - Spetznaz inauguration speech

Author — Jack Grimshaw


Thank you so much for this great game movie you made. Since I have been fan of this amazing game from 2001 until today. I enjoyed every minute of it. Appreciate your effort. P.S. Also amazes me that you didn't even once saved game, and got killed.

Author — Nikola Rakic


how on earth can you play so good? I remembered this was a very difficult game

Author — quarantin4


Don't know why but my favourite campaign so far...

Author — VideoRacing VHS


Who remembers the FFUR and WGL mods for this game? Still one of the best games ever made in my opinion.

Author — TotallyToobs


I never undestood the campaign of red hammer
Dmitri alone actually destroyed many americans but somehow they still loss control of the island lol

Author — Reeko


Best game campaign ever OFP CWC/Resis/ an Red hammer :D If u bought ArmA3 alpha u should have in steam library.

Author — Kirk Worley


it's the game of my nostalgia. thanks for upload. you did it well. love your vid.

Author — iNa Eng


I always find it interesting to see conflicts from the prospective of the people you're normally fighting

Author — 49mozzer


Thnks @GamePlayShare for the entire campaign you have here ^_^.Great job..never played this game.I was playin' them when I was a kid back in 2004(when I was 6/5 with my father), both Cold War Crisis and Resistance !Good Work !

Author — Bogdan Dacian


I like how most helis brake their speed and lower their heights before attacking your tank.
i killed many helis during that campaign with tanks and rpgs this way, however some were hit during moving which was crazy XD.
so far i am in the mission with the mercenaries where we have to get ammo, i still didn't do anything yet so yeah xD

Author — X_mezo_X


Is he using a lot of mods in this operation flashpoint?

Author — TheKitKatLu


How do you unlock this DLC? or expansion? I dont find it on steam? does it have on steam?

Author — lorenzo †


Too bad that Red Hammer isn't included in final patch 1.99. It's because Codemasters developed it, instead of Bohemia.

Author — Meljov


why dont you play in fullscreen? OFP supports widescreen...

Author — Winters K


Important question Where can you buy red hammer for Operation flashpoint

Author — Redcoat Gaming


How can i download this game ? I played opf cold war and now playing resistance. I bought from steam but i can't find this game

Author — NirvanA1Channel


good soviet union and bad traitor general, yeah nice plot.
This game is still epic but red hammer campain is kind of trash for me. (compared to other ones)

Author — jo gogo


I played this then deleted it when it got virus for downloading WW4 Mod for Arma.

Author — GD Gaming


What were the graphic settings for these playthroughs? 16-bit color?

Author — BlindxSide