War in Syria: Can the Kurdish forces fight back?

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War in Syria: Can the Kurdish forces fight back? 4

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Some rich governments have to be feeding the Beast....supplying money and weapons and necessities on all sides to make these conflicts possible.



2 weeks from now we will not be talking about this.

Author — Nowhere Man


Kurds should stop being a tool for western countries

Author — Melanie Foster


Absolute nonsense on raqqa. If/when the Kurds leave that City, the Syrian Arab Army will move in with Russian support.

Author — orderoutofchaos621


What the hell does this guy keep looking at to his left

Author — 2nd Commandante


In yemen war is happening for few years no one talks about them

Author — Hasan Özüşen


The Middle East is an MMA ring. Who fights, wins, or loses is of no importance, but the show must go on.

Author — Ben Tatou


Turkey is a US/NATO ally, Kurds are just US allies against ISIL/ISIS and they are eliminated so Kurds are now on their own.

Author — Dibelchii300


If you would like to know who the future enemy of the united states will be then just look who they are funding today.

Author — HOOKDUP


France's bloody history :
Rwanda : Hutu majority began systematically massacring members of the Tutsi minority, leaving an estimated 800, 000 to one million people dead ; France was after that .
Algeria: French aircrafts in Setif, neighboring Guelma and nearby villages. According to Algerian sources, by the end of the massacre on 22 May, 45, 000 Algerian civilians had been killed.
Many Europeans not just French have bloody history; yet all of them become Kurdistan supporter and peace fighters all of a sudden .Becouse you are from west doesnt makes you right or peace warriors . Plz look your bloody histories before judge or interfere business of others . Turkey is growing, independent, knows what to do .It's not any other Muslim county to become your puppet and you cant stop ...

Author — Ahmet Eren Çakır


Shouldn't all the territories ultimately belongs to Syria? Where are all the oil fields located?

Author — WK Chan


1.2 million civilians killed in Iraq war where is democracy.Heyyyy USA

Author — Adnan Gür


lets talk about civilians, in Rwanda or Libya that french air forces bomb the hell out of

Author — MadTurx


France is deeply anti-Islam, and that'swhy it condemns the Turkish invasion, because it wants to destroy every strong Muslim country like turkey

Author — MaghrebiDialSahh


France and the UK setup these countries at the end of ww1 let them fix it

Author — Ken


1:08 Syrian, Kurdistan. I think thats the problem right there.

Author — Billy Bob


this is like a bar fight, everyones just hitting the big boys Russia and Iran just watch from the sidelines



HP Inc defunct and bankrupt! inshallah!

Author — mubariz salim


It looks like Turkey is trying to rebuild its empire.

Author — Joseph Cayou


Syria will not let Isis come back. Nor will Turkey. Nor will the Kurds.

Author — Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard