Best Metal Detectors for Gold

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Best Metal Detectors for Gold - These are the Best Metal Detectors for Gold.
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4. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ:



5. Minelab GPZ 7000:
The heavyweight champion of gold metal detectors is the Minelab GPZ 7000. It’s an expensive detector - but has advanced features you simply can’t find on any other model.
Let’s start with the circuitry. Unlike the other models on this list, which are either pulse induction or high frequency VLF, the GPZ is built with Minelab’s Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) technology.

4. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ:
The Lobo SuperTRAQ has been around for a while, but it’s still one of the best metal detectors for gold in the mid-range price bracket. Like most Tesoro models, it features an analogue control panel and lacks the bells and whistles found on newer detectors – but don’t let that put you off.

3. White’s Goldmaster GMT:
Another excellent high-frequency VLF detector is the White’s Goldmaster GMT. With an operating frequency of 48kHz and a 6” x 9” search coil, it’s capable of finding small nuggets of gold while handling high levels of ground mineralization.
As you would expect from a gold detector, the GMT has both manual and automatic ground balance modes.

2. Garrett AT Gold:
Another excellent entry-level gold detector is the Garrett AT Gold. It’s fully waterproof, unlike the Gold Bug Pro, so it can be used on both dry land and in water. The AT Pro also has a number of advanced features, including Garrett’s “Pro” audio mode, iron audio, manual ground balance and digital target ID.
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1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro:
The Gold Bug Pro is a VLF detector with a 19kHz operating frequency. It comes with a 5” round search coil, along with 2-tone audio identification and an LCD screen. The detector is also lightweight at just 2.5lbs. Despite its reasonably low price, the Gold Bug Pro has a number of important features for gold prospecting.

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I have found more gold with the AT-Prox3 machines, than all machines before it (28+ years of hunting) and my personal record is 25 gold rings and things in 2019. I used the AT-Pro until 8/15/2020. I now use the Nokta Makro Simplex +, I have used this machine for my weekend hunts at my older target areas with Great I as of this month believe that I have begun to climb over the learning curve of this machine. I love the Park mode 2 This mode gives just the correct amount of discrimination for school style hunts. it misses nothing at all no matter how fast you swing the coil. The numbers on the VDI are still in my learning mode but I dig everything so its not an issue. So far guys I found in the last 3 weekends my 4th, 5th, 6th and just last Saturday 11/28/20 I found my Seventh Gold ring of 2020. and it is the heaviest one this year at 9.6 grams 14k. Yes I do like the Simplex it is worth every penny I paid for it and like all my other machines it has already paid for its self $269.00 with shipping P.S. great video!

Author — ringhunter 100


Absolutely best presentation. In a few minutes we learn something about the very good gold detectors and how they perform.

Author — R.J.


No mention of the only Australian built pulse induction metal detector QED Out performs all but the GPZ7000.

Author — Jannine Bennett


The Nokta/Makro and Deus range are the world's best VLF detectors,

Author — GreatEurasia


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.Deixando aquele GIGA 👍🏼🇧🇷



You forgot one of the very best VLF gold detectors. The macro gold kruzer at 61kh is one of the best !

Author — Cold War Jesus


regards from Afghan Turkmen . is GPZ7000 only to detect gold or it can detect ancient house, grave and other treasures and also metal ??? answer me please

Author — Abdullah Khedri


No.4 Lobo Super Traq? Tesoro no longer exist unfortunately. And GPZ7000 should be No.1

Author — Digging with PhaseTech


may I know the price Sir ?.... this GPZ7000 metal detector

Author — Melrose Tellor Laliyah


How much the price please of #3 and #1?

Author — Mohammad Khalil


This video says its from May 2020, but there are two generations more modern White's Goldmaster (24k and GMX Sport), Tesoro as a company has been out of business, not a word about Minelab's Gold Monster or Equinox 800. Looks like the information he used is a couple of years old.

Author — Mike McChesney


Hi., looking for a metal detector with long range deep for coins and gold, soil is mineral and somewhat compact with rocks (southcenter of Mexico)...any advice?

Author — Alicia Hernandez


Dare you to do an comparison of Minelab Vs ATX Units on price, usability around powerlines, depth and ruggedness. OH! Who will win the battle Now Dintalks as the best 2020 detector. there are other detectors better than your choice money can purchase as listed in another comment below. Again say Dintalks you fail miserably.

Author — SCS Sarge


I'm Kitula magenda here Africa we have a lot of minerals especially in my country TANZANIA how can I get detector

Author — kitula magenda


Hi! What is the number for gold on metal detector screen?

Author — Chanvibol Pen


greetings from Russia great finds )))) as podica Let's be friends ) very interesting video

Author — Кладоискатели Виталик и Даша


Pls tell me whats the price of no 3?
I need to buy & how I contact you?

Author — Anura Jayantha


The Garrett AT Gold and AT Pro are two different machines. And why was the GPX not on the list?

Author — Nick Bell


How much is that ditector sir, and wher i can buy that

Author — Pedro Ello


Can you provide me one of your gold metal detector? There are so many treassure here, but i dont have metal detector, if you are provide me one of them.

Author — Jocelyn Medim