(B)Nakano Yasuhiro 9-dan VS (W)Ishida Yoshio 9-dan in 2006

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Even a professional player makes a blunder.

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i like how they both pause for a moment and take in the mistake like "did that really just happen?"

Author — Ethia9


I really like the way his opponent stares at him, and at the board, trying to figure whether this is some sort of a really complicated trick.

Author — Celerity2


This has to be the single most stunning setback in the quest for Kami-No-Itte.

Author — wwbdwwbd


That actually kills black's entire group in the bottom left, not just the self-atari.

Author — largelysubatomic


The look on the white player's face is amazing. On both of them actually..

Author — Matthew Koh


Happened to me in a tournament last week-end... after seeing that, I guess it will happen again in the future. lol

Author — Phenom Uprising


I saw this and was like "oh crap did he just do that?" Then the announcers were going "ah! ah! ah!" and I cracked up. Of course I doubt I would have been able to spot it so quickly if it weren't for the description, I just started playing recently, and I'm still learning the basics :D

Author — compass


Wow! that gives us amateurs hope! hahahaha. But I agree that his reaction is soo honest!

Author — Nicolas Heluani


I almost did this last night at Go club. I noticed -right- before I took my finger off the stone.

I still lost by about 30 points though, but hey, I'm learning.

Author — 9AtNight


I hope there will be more of this videos soon. I like them to watch.

Author — MrGoMaster


I think we all know this kind of pain ^^

Author — frankiethefrank


Those games must be so exhausting! Especially when they play over several days. Wow! The fact that losing concentration is rare, is amazing in itself.
They're on a totally different level than I can imagine...
Guess they're human, after all...

Author — Basic Go


It happens to me too.
I like your "God of Go" theory, hahha!

Author — Psychonaut9y0


wow! complicated board! i had to watch it twice to see what happened!

Author — OsamaBinLooney


In Go, any stones you completely surround are captured and removed from the board. Black just played a move that allowed a large chunk of his stones to be captured. To understand just how costly this move is, however, requires you to know how to play Go. It's fun, you should learn!

Author — DuskEagle


Goplay i realized this as soon as i put out my post that the whole white structure is not dead because black indeed captures those 5 stones. I just took a quick analyses of it and didnt pause it like you did to take a closer look.

Author — ztevo


It has been years since when I first saw the video, but now I just had to chance to count... Yes, black was ahead; about 10-11 points (including 6.5 komi and captured stones which I assumed to be 11 to 15, black captured more) if he had played 6-8 instead of 6-10; which makes the video even more amazing :)

Author — cuauhtle


yeah pretty crazy skill there, i can only pick up empty triangles with that same technique xD

Author — Haru13th


For non go players: The funny thing here is, that the professional player makes a mistake, which even an unexperienced amateuer go player wont make, at least with some months practise. But of course, they happen. :P You can compare it if Ronaldo would hit the air and not the ball by shooting a penalty kick. :)

Author — Pirat Dunkelbart


Apparently I do not (^_^) I should have looked closer, my apologies.

Author — RachelAnn