Sims 4 | Speedbuild | Brindleton Baes World Collab - Isle Bed & Breakfast

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**open me!🐘**
AH! I'm so excited for this giant world build collab with my friends where we tackle all the lots in the new world Brindleton Bay from the Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion. Everyday starting on the 20th lasting until the 27th we'll be releasing at least 2 videos on our different channels please check them out if you haven't already because they are all talented and amazing simmers and people. All builds will be available on the gallery for download!

LOT TOUR: 20:40

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This is so beautiful Adri! Love that you thought of a B&B, it is the perfect lot to put this on too. We have so many beautiful B&B's in Devon, some are meant to be very haunted to so I love the fact this came with a back story too! I'm loving this collab, we all have to do some more world builds from now on I think :D

Author — Devon Bumpkin


Yay!! So cute!! Looks so perfect on the island! 💜💜

Author — SimLicy


Love your Bed and Breakfast, can't wait to see more of this big collab:-)

Author — Bellguru8


The roofing on this is just to die for!
Yay! I'm excited that you got to use the map. I love that thing!
Aw the statue with the steering wheel? PRECIOUS!
Ooh the giant furniture piece you made in the entry way looks so good! (I think its actually classified as a 'surface' though. Not that that makes any sense...)
The tile you used in the bathroom is one of my favorites, but I agree that it can be a bit busy! I also wish they had given us more than one swatch!
The dog book ends! 😍
I also love the shape of the back porch area btw! It really works!

Author — Penapple


This B&B is absolutely gorgeous! I love the style of the building and the story behind it!

Author — Chrissie's Corner


This is so beautiful!! You did an amazing job on this, I can't wait to go and see some of the other ones!! I love the story you put behind it as well!! :)

Author — MaksPlayground


That thing with the dog statues and the books 😍
Such an inspiration, thank you! Ahahah

Author — asia sabatelli


Amazing! This world colab is going to be awesome! All my fav You Tubers working together, couldn't ask for more :)

Author — Jill NPG


I loved the little history session! Very beautiful build ♥

Author — Ashuria


This is so pretty! And I love it when you give a little story and a bit of history about these types of places, it's really interesting! <3

Author — SugarPlumSims


I love that it's on this island, particularly because there areany haunted bed & breakfasts! 👻 It's a lovely build, perfect for LPs 😉

Author — JelliSims


Astonishingly Beautiful! Love both interior and exterior!

Author — xSorcier


I love your builds and videos! So much fun 😀

Author — Lisa Reed-Walls


love the build! :) the flower pot on the nightstand in the first bedroom you furnished is floating

Author — Günni


Gorgeous! Forget about my Sims; I wanna stay here!

Author — Cuckoo Kukri


Very beautiful. I loved that you sized down the paintings.

Author — Sum OfAllThings


Great build. Not sure I will be able to use it but it looks amazing.

Author — Alinta McMurdo


I love itt!! But I would make a cozy kitchen, cuz in my mind the owners are an old couple, and the woman is the one who make the delicious breakfast at her lovely kitchen. And sorry for the english, I speak portuguese

Author — Laura Maia


I love this so much. I want to go to there.

Author — just_teej


Can you post more plz I love your videos💕💕💕

Author — Chknbroth