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Indian Elections | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix 4

On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan analyzes the current state of politics in India and what it means to him as an Indian-American, with a focus on the country’s upcoming elections. With around 900 million voters, India has the largest and one of the most complex democracies in the world. Hasan discusses how recent conflicts with Pakistan, widespread economic issues under current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a resurgence of Hindu nationalism, and corruption scandals amongst major political parties in the country will play a role in determining the future, and the identity, of India.

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About Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj:
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Indian Elections | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

💬 Comments on the video

I think that *comedians* are doing *journalism*
and *journalist* are doing *comedy*

Author — me


The last statement " No The BRITISH won" was like the best conclusion.

Author — sneha sunny


Being an Indian, I seriously don't know anything about goat yoga😂

Author — Stalwart


hasan : "am i pakistani agent "

uncle, aunt : "could be "

Author — ΛKΛSH


"Democracy is for people with power, and for people with money"
I mean. Its not supposed to be, but damn, he IS right.

Author — Zachary Jollimore


Congratulations Suneet Chopra for making it to the show. Your biggest political achievement till date for sure.

Author — Official PeeingHuman


This is india dude . . . Enjoy !!! Politicians are kings . . . rich enjoys. . . middle class struggles. . . poor dies . . .

Author — Xing Wang


Anyone else watched it thinking it was a stand-up comedy but found it as a journalism 😂😂😂😂????

Author — Ashutosh Kalta


Wait a minute!!
Did you notice Hasan Minhaj channel's name changed to *NETFLIX IS A JOKE* from *PATRIOT ACT* 🙈🙈🙈



I'm surprised how is this video still here😂. I really thought it would be taken down by our very open minded govt.

Author — Shatabdee Sahoo


As an Indian i wanted to laugh but it all just keep hitting hard..

Author — Shrishti Singh


i'm here so i can prepare myself to argue with my uncle about modi at lunch- wish me luck :(

Author — vanisha karna


I can't laugh this hurts hard when u r an Indian Muslim

Author — zk


Perfect example of truth bites.. This also shows how indians offend so easily.. Shame on andhbhakts

Author — Gaurav Chauhan


Those desi parents in the beginning of the video are the real problem why our democracy doesn't function effectively. The middle class simply doesn't care about the plight of the less fortunate in the country, don't bother to read the parties' manifesto before the elections, yet, vote. Their misguided votes are bringing the country down and eventually when they are being dragged into poverty, only then will they finally open their eyes.

Author — Jib Ran


"Nah dude, British won"
This line has more meaning than we think it does.

Author — Jayash Pandey


hasan : no, british won
me : someone please give this man an oscar.

Author — Harsha Kampli


Man I can feel the frustration behind his smile 😂😂

Author — Aditya Raj


As an indian this hits WayyYy to close to home..(pun intended)

Author — Dyuti Kulkarni


Ok....I just want the Indian media to speak in a way as Hassan a modi bhakt nor a pappu fan
I think that will give the population to think better whom to vote

Just my bunch of thoughts

Author — Tripti Sharma