John Oliver Got To Meet Beyoncé... Kind Of

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John Oliver Got To Meet Beyoncé... Kind Of 5

John Oliver is Zazu in the new 'Lion King' movie and he was intimidated by just the thought of one day being in the same photo as Beyoncé.

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Am I the only person who would choose to meet John Oliver over

Author — Tristan Yeoh


i need an 1 - 2 hour long interview with john oliver and colbert. no breaks. just them talking about life and the world. please make it happen

Author — Ali Rabbani


I love that he's still delivering the news but in Disney movies now

Author — Gabriel


..anybody else catch that “king and lionheart“ cover that john&band played when he came in? beautiful

Author — Lisa von Gartzen


"The birds are tweeting at 4 in the morning. Im like 'birds, we get it. We're up at 4am, theres nothing to tweet about. ' "
Did he sneak a Donald Trump reference into this?

Author — WhoozyOMO


My parrot's name is Zazu, and he loved hearing his name said on the TV lol

Author — Nick930


"You were in the Love Guru." "As were you, as were you. This is mutually assured destruction we have started here..." Don't ever change John.

Author — LupineShadowOmega


Stephen missed the perfect opportunity to ask if John does his own stunts in the movie.

Author — Tito Tim Travels


Petition to make John Oliver a Disney princess 👑

Also, can we take a second to appreciate how perfect John Oliver is as Zazu?

Author — Lucia Williams


"Cheetahs never prosper".... it took me a second 😂 [English is not my first language]

Author — Fawn Whisperer


5:44 "the birds are tweeting at 4 in the morning, l'm like birds, it's 4 in the morning, there's nothing to tweet about" I feel like that's real John Oliver slipping through with his Last Week Tonight monologue

Author — Kristina T


8:22 - “actual queen ...”

Colbert didn’t pick it up, but a few folks in the audience did. Oliver’s dislike for all things royal coming through again. 😊

Author — tori2dles


I think it was kinda cruel that he was the only person in the movie they looked at and said "Y'know what... we don't need to CGI this one.. glue some feathers on him.. we're good."

Author — New Message


"Have you met queen Elizabeth?"
"No, I'm a peasant"

Author — Phoolmati Bharti


I can't believe he had to drop 50 pounds of muscle, including his six pack, to fit into his costume.

Author — Darakaa


"10 Flamingos are taking a stand" - I didn't realise the irony of this line until now 😂😂😂

Author — Jules Iglesia


"No of course not!!! I am a peasent!" 😂😂

Author — Lio


Is this a Trump joke?

“The birds are tweeting at 4 in the morning. I’m like, birds, we get it. Around 4am, there’s nothing to tweet about.” -Zazu

Sounds like a Trump joke to me 😆

Author — thenormalstate


I love that John uses his real laugh whenever he's on this show. You can tell these two just get along so well.

Author — Justin Clowater


I almost choked on a piece of chocolate when he said Mustafa 😳😅😂🤣

Author — Maria Jose Céspedes